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Laura’s Success Story


I am a runner and have been running and competing for 18 years. I ran Cross Country and Track at SMU where I competed in the 1500m-5000m. In 1995 our team made it to the NCAA championships in Cross Country. Right after college it was easy to train and be in race shape, but as years went training on my own became more difficult. so when Crossfit came along it really helped. That’s why I was able to get in race shape again…and hopefully in 2009 have some great fast races. I got to a point where I wasn’t getting any faster and was in a rut. My fitness routine consisted of going to the gym twice and week, doing a core workout, and running. My nutrition was up and down. Most days, I would get busy with work and forget to eat sufficiently throughout the day. When it was time for dinner I would often overeat because I didn’t have enough food to sustain me during the day.

I stayed in decent shape training on my own, but I was really looking for the intensity and group training atmosphere I experienced while on the track team at SMU. I won a free month of CrossFit Central Boot Camp at silent auction for Catalyst 8. So, I decided to try it out. I’ve been with CrossFit Central for over a year!








Since I joined CrossFit Central I have gone from 26% body fat to 19% body fat and I’ve lost 9 pounds! I am stronger and I’ve increased my speed and endurance. I’ve gone from a 22 minute 5K time to a 20 minute 5K time. I’ve also learned to eat properly.

I have increased energy, have gained lean muscle, and I have more definition. I feel a sense of accomplishment and I now tell everyone that they too can become CrossFit!












My goal for the future is to get to 13% body fat and continue to compete in tough races. I’m going to run a 6K at US Club CrossCountry Nationals on Dec 13th and in March I will race in the Carlsbad 5000!

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