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Lisa’s Empowerment Story


Prior to CrossFit, I was pretty healthy.  I had long workouts at the gym 5 days a week and while I thought I was working hard, I never really saw the kinds of results I felt were remarkable.  I was definitely getting burned out and knew that I could push myself further if I just had a different model.

I initially joined CrossFit because my partner and I were driving down Burnet Rd and we saw people outside running and jumping and doing pull ups and she said, “that looks right up your alley”.  I checked out the website when I got home and couldn’t believe a community like this existed.  I knew I was in from the moment I watched the videos.

Since joining CrossFit I’ve seen huge physical and psychological results.  I’ve always believed that I can do anything and that I’m powerful beyond belief.  But my workouts never challenged me, and now they do.  I am faster, stronger, and more energetic than ever before.  I can run and jump around and dance with my 2 year old until he’s worn out.  People actually comment on how fit I look.

I did the I Am CrossFit EPOC challenge in the Spring and went from being a strict vegetarian for 12+ years to Paleo about half way through the challenge. My son Luca and I now eat Paleo about 95% of the time. We are still a plant based household but Luca and I are using meat and eggs as our protein source. Eating a predominately Paleo diet and re-introducing high quality meat into my diet has allowed me to lose body fat and inches in the right spots.  I was on the massage table a few months back and my therapist said, “Wow, your body composition has really changed.”  I thought that was great that he could tell as soon as he started our session that something was different. I also feel totally supported by my 5:30 am ladies and Coach Jen Cardella and Coach Carey Kepler rock!  They are an inspiration and they are super fun.  During the EPOC Challenge I lost over 4% body fat in 6 weeks and my work clothes no longer fit me.

Visualization, affirmations and goal setting have been instrumental in my success.  We all have access to the unlimited possibilities of the present moment.  I have always clearly written out my goals for the upcoming year and beyond.  It’s been amazing to see most things come to pass that I’ve written down.

Every December of every year, I rent out a room at the Four Seasons.  I treat myself to room service and coffee and I spend the entire day mapping out my plan for the upcoming year.  I end up with a comprehensive plan of the things I want to see manifest in my life.  People say that we overestimate what we can do in one year and underestimate what we can do in 5.  This is so true.  I write big goals and know that they will absolutely without a doubt happen.  They may not all happen in the 12 months that I’ve assigned to them but the universe takes the goals very seriously and starts planting the seeds the moment you call it into consciousness.  I have journals from years ago with loft goals and it’s fun to look back and go “wow, at the time, that seemed like such a big deal and now, I’ve done that and beyond”.

Untitled from CrossFit Central on Vimeo.

Lost 4% Body Fat in 6 Weeks

I looked back at my goals from the beginning of CrossFit and I exceeded my deadlift goal, can do pull ups, completed the I Am CrossFit/EPOC challenge and now run regularly.  Before CrossFit, I always claimed that I couldn’t run because I had weak knees.  Now, I actually like it and am doing it pain free. My future goals are to continue to be a part of the CrossFit community. Now that I’ve reached some of the fitness goals of running faster and lifting heavier weights, I need to spend some time reevaluating before the end of the year and set new specific targets. I truly believe that each and every one of us can design our life exactly the way we want it.  It’s a great life and I feel lucky to be a part of the Crossfit Community.

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Lisa Munoz – Photoshoot from CrossFit Central on Vimeo.

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