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Mark’s Success Story

I worked out a lot before joining CrossFit Central Programs. I did the RPM spin class at Golds and played soccer. I worked out nearly every day and was in decent shape. But for the most part, my workout routine consisted of lugging myself into the gym and performing the same, worn out routines for the past 20 years. I would go to the weight section and perform isolated movements or get on the machines to build strength. For the past 17 years it was pretty much the exact same routine.











I have lost 5lbs, put on more muscle mass, and I am stronger since I joined CrossFit Central. I have also gotten much stronger on pull-ups, deadlifts, and shoulder press as well as improved my endurance during MetCon workouts. I am more lean, my lung capacity is much greater, and my outlook towards working out is positive.

I have a renewed passion for working out. When I come to CrossFit Central I am able to get away from work, relieve stress, and clear my head. This has made me more effective in my career and has been very beneficial for my work life.

Since joining the CrossFit program I’ve officially become a part of a very passionate fraternity of people that commit themselves to fitness and competition. In doing so, I’ve been able to transition from the solitary workouts at gyms to core exercises performed in a much more dynamic setting.







My goal is to maintain the strength and endurance I have gained, stay fit in 2009, and continue pushing myself through every workout. I’d also like to continue improving on my form with dead lifts, cleans, and jerks.

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