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Matt’s Success Story


I used to be the kind of guy who worked hard, and played even harder. I knew I was over-eating all the time and not paying attention to my health. When I first bought 40” pants, I knew that despite how good all that food tasted, I had to change something.

I had been an athlete, playing three sports in high school at a high competitive level and then staying active in college. I kept up swimming, running and enjoying outdoor activities after college as well, but work caught up to me and I let my fitness go. I initially was introduced to CrossFit by a co-worker. She continued to talk about CrossFit and I continued to listen. Then my wife got started and I had to check it out. I went through Elements in October and joined Coach Big Mike Gregory’s 5:30am class late in October of 2009.


To start, CrossFit broke me down mentally. Just the warm-up would kick my butt every morning, not to mention there was an actual workout that I still wanted to do. I started doing workouts with no weight on the bars, watching people run circles around me. I immediately knew that I had to leave any ego at the door and just commit to working hard to improve. For me, it has been mentally rewarding to see improvement in a WOD that I have done before, knowing that it kicked my butt the first time and understanding that it will kick my butt again and again, but still set a personal record in the workout anyway!

I travel a lot during the week, but I continue to challenge myself to work hard outside of the gym. Seeing the results of the workouts and understanding how to make good food choices has helped me stay to committed to eating right and working out when I travel. I’m still working on turning up the intensity when I do workouts outside of the gym, but the mental focus that I have learned allows me to challenge myself with fun workouts on my own. I have shown myself that I do not yet know my limits.


Lost 47lbs, 11 pant sizes & over 10% body fat!

I believe that Crossfit has helped my ‘mental toughness’ in my professional career. I manage a sales team and we have a lot of pressure that we put on ourselves to succeed. As I manage my stress levels I also feel that I help in managing my sales teams stress levels. My commitment to Crossfit has helped me show myself anything is possible. Along with that, my sales team has seen that my commitment to my health has paid dividends and that helps me reiterate to my sales team that anything is possible. The satisfaction that is achieved when I get a ‘good nights sleep’, wake up early and workout, improving my strength, flexibility and physical condition helps me relay that satisfaction to my professional career. That commitment runs parallel with the mental battle of the daily commitment that it takes to do my job and help my team do their jobs, which is ‘make one more sales call’, don’t let ‘no’ stop you from trying again and remembering that if you are not working with your customers, someone else is. You have to always be working to improve if you want positive changes and Crossfit has continued to help me see the results of hard work.


I had two big motivating factors when I first started CrossFit. Shortly after I started Coach Big Mike’s class he sent everyone an email. It was to the point: He was our coach and he expected us to be to class on time. He insisted that we tell him if we weren’t going to make it to class and that there was no excuse of forgetting to set my alarm or going to bed late. He wanted us to commit to the class because he was committing to us as a coach. I took his message as a challenge. I knew he would give me as much effort as I gave him and that I needed to show him my commitment.

I have seen the results that Crossfit has brought to my mind and body through continuing to practice and work hard each day and getting to the next level.

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