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Melissa’s Success Story

Prior to joining CrossFit Central I was a wreck!  I was 38 years old, 180 pounds, very shy and had zero self-confidence.  I ate take out at least twice a day, I was tired all the time and emotionally drained.  I didn’t even have the energy to do the things I wanted to do on the weekends.

I was a competitive swimmer in High School.  Without that structure I was bored with working out and stopped exercising a few years before finding CrossFit Central.  I knew I needed to be doing something for my health.  A couple of my coworkers decided to join CrossFit Central and talked me into it.  I had driven by the gym on my way home from work and it looked like it might be fun.

When I joined, CrossFit Central had an On-Ramp class, which was meant to teach athletes the basics of CrossFit and prepare them for regular classes.  On my first day at CrossFit Central I saw a few women in a class doing pull-ups.  I thought I would never be able to do that!  I was out of shape and intimidated by the workouts.  After 6 months, Coach Chris Hartwell, literally had to kick me out of the introductory class.  I did not believe I could take on the regular classes.  By force, I joined one of Coach Michael Gregory’s classes and began proving myself wrong.

I lost 50 pounds

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Coach Big Mike insisted that I better myself and take on things that I never thought I could do or was told I could not do because I am a woman.  I can now flip tires, climb the ropes to the ceiling, jump over a 21 inch box and do strict pull ups with a 20 pound weight!

Since joining CrossFit Central I have lost 50 pounds, 12% body fat and 3 dress sizes.  I am in the best shape of my life and only continue to get better.  The confidence that I have gained in the gym has transformed all aspects of my life.  I now have the energy and confidence to do everything I want to do and more! By learning to do something in the gym that seemed impossible, it has opened up my mind to the possibilities of things outside of the gym.


“Melissa is a prime example of someone who literally is just not the same person!  I have seen her transform into a truly outgoing and inspiring individual.  Her smile is so frequent that it cannot go unnoticed!  When you look into her eyes you get a sense of her true happiness”—Coach Michael Gregory

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