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Michael’s Empowerment Story


Before joining CrossFit Central I thought I was pretty active and I thought I ate well, but was really not knowledgeable on core elements of nutrition and fitness. In the course of 10 years I had slowly put on about 20 pounds.

In the spring of 2008, I got serious about trying to get into better shape.  My workouts usually consisted of a couple of 3 mile runs a week, and static weight-lifting, a routine I’d maintained for about 15 years.  Despite putting in a lot of time, my strength and cardiovascular gains hit a plateau.  My eating habits were terrible, usually skipping breakfast, then relying on carbohydrate-rich foods to spike insulin levels throughout the day, followed by crashes, coffee, and the entire cycle again.  This cycle played havoc with my moods during the day, to the benefit of no one.
In 2009 I was at packet pick up for a triathlon and stopped by the CrossFit Central booth.  I was interested in the concept, and took a flier.  I shared it with a business partner, and he ultimately signed us both up for a CrossFit Central Relentless Boot Camp class.

In 15 months I lost roughly 20 pounds, 6% body fat, and 5 inches from my waist.  I don’t skip workouts and won’t let myself give less than 100% effort in every workout.  I recently was re-evaluated for a life insurance policy, and my rates dropped 35%, as better cholesterol and blood pressure readings (a direct result of CrossFit training and nutritional seminars) are providing long-term benefits. The CrossFit community is incredibly supportive and always interested in making each other better, providing a great platform to reach your goals.

Every class provides an opportunity to compete: against my friends and fellow CrossFitters, against my perceived physical limits, against the weights, reps, and times achieved in prior classes. CrossFit has gotten me in the habit of competing every day and has given me more confidence to not only participate but compete in road races. I’ve set new personal records in every race since joining CrossFit Central including the 2009 Thundercloud Turkey Trot (5 miles): 34:08, 2010 Austin Half Marathon: 1:36:15 and the 2010 Chuy’s 5K: 19:27 Success in CrossFit also instills a winning attitude, and provides a catalyst to embrace challenges in personal and professional endeavors.  I don’t back away from challenges that previously may have seemed too difficult or just plain impossible.  CrossFit Central’s group of coaches and athletes instill this attitude, and it’s contagious.


Michael from CrossFit Central on Vimeo.

From an athletic standpoint, I was previously happy to just participate in a race or event. Now expect to place in my age group in local races, or help my team win and adventure challenge race. The habit of setting higher goals and achieving those goals transfers easily into the professional realm as well. CrossFit Central helped me not think about the consequences of failure, and instead focus on bigger opportunities.

I now have more energy and a clearer mind.  I get up earlier, I work more productively, and I feel better.  I get affirmation multiple times a week in class that I can set my goals higher and achieve those goals.  Each of these attributes allow me to be a better leader, partner, and investor.

Before I started with CrossFit, my evening wound down pretty quickly once I left work, due to lack of good conditioning, bad eating habits, and poor sleep habits.  I now come home with energy, enjoy more time with loved ones and feel better physically, mentally, and emotionally.

@ the photo shoot

Michael – Photoshoot from CrossFit Central on Vimeo.

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