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Mike’s Success Story

“I feel like I have found my athletic self again.”

Directly prior to CFCentral, my life was incredibly fulfilling, but in completely different ways as compared to today. I grew up an athlete, and played soccer my entire life and through college. I have always been very competitive and sports oriented, but that all ended with my college graduation. I moved to Spain and forgot about health, fitness and any kind of athletic endeavor.

I was there to live the Spanish lifestyle and culture, and I did so 100%! However, upon my return two years later, I was sad to find out that I was a mere shadow of my former athletic self. This was highlighted by my first Crossfit WOD ever: Angie(I finished at somewhere over 20 minutes… scaled to 75 lbs.). My former physical prowess and mental toughness had been lost to a couple years of poor diet and little to no physical activity… I was soft!

I was introduced to CrossFit Central through lululemon athletica, and oficially joined in October of 2008. When January rolled around, I signed up for the “I AM CROSSFIT CHALLENGE”. This was my introduction to Crossfit as a sport, and CrossFit as a way of life.










The results I have seen since joining the CrossFit Central community have mainly been physical and mental. I am undoubtedly in the best shape of my life, and I am mentally stronger than ever and I am able to push through more physical pain than before.

Lost over 10lbs, 4% body fat, and 2 inches.

I am leaner and stronger than I have ever been in my life. I am also in the best physical and mental shape of my life and I feel like I have found my athletic self again. I honestly wish I was as fit as I am now when I was playing soccer in college.

I owe Crossfit in general and Crossfit Central specifically a great debt of gratitude for introducing me to a new way of living. My life will never be the same. All I know about healthy living and Crossfit I have learned from the trainers at CFCentral and the CF community.








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