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Morgan’s Success Story

Morgan is our featured 2009 CrossFit Kid Success Story. She has seen big changes over the last year, including weight loss and a increase in her endurance, stamina, and agility. However, the most important change Morgan has seen is learning how to make healthy choices. Her eating habits have improved and she has gained confidence both on and of the court.

Morgan has been coming to the CrossFit Kids for over 7 months. During that time she has seen dramatic changes – she has gained confidence and self esteem, her speed endurance and stamina increased, and she has been awarded MVP on her basketball team! She is a young lady coming into her own and realizing what it means to lead a healthy and active lifestyle. Morgan, and her mom – Karen share her success over the last year.


“Crossfit has given me more confidence in my life and I fee like I can really be me.”

Why were you interested in joining CrossFit Kids?
Morgan: I really like participating in sports and my Mom joined the boot camp. She started getting healthier. I thought that it would be great if I participated in it to get more fit and to help me with sports as well as to get healthier.

What Sports Do you play?
Morgan: I’ve played basketball for 8 years and volleyball for 4

What changes have you seen in Morgan since she started CrossFit Kids?
Karen: Morgan plays a lot of sports and Crossfit Kids has helped her endurance on the basketball court tremendously and has bettered her swim times. She never considered herself to be a runner but Crossfit has made her change that attitude. She has found that she’s actually better in track and running than she gave herself credit for. She doesn’t tire as easily and runs more on the court. The strengthened core has helped her with her coordination and flexibility in all her sports. Her clothes are fitting her so beautifully and has allowed her to be more confident in her clothing choices.

How has being active done for you in sports, confidence, and school?
Morgan: CrossFit Kids has helped up my game and increase my endurance more than I could’ve ever hoped for! Crossfit has given me more confidence in my life and I fee like I can really be me.

I am so thankful for everything crossfit has done for me and especially for the belief my instructor Therin has shown in me.
How has being active affected her confidence?
Karen: The improved performance she has in her sports has added to her confidence as a player and team member. She knows the training makes her a better player and allows her to take more chances to improve her performance.

Why is it important to you, as a parent, for Morgan to learn how to lead a healthy and active lifestyle?
Karen: Morgan struggled for several years with her weight. She has always been an active kid but didn’t always make the best choices in her eating habits. Crossfit is now part of a more balanced lifestyle that she has chosen for herself. She is now working out on a regular basis, making better choices of what she eats and the amount she eats and being cognizant of how these choices affect the way she acts, feels and looks. She is getting so much positive feedback as a result of her choices and that is a great motivator. The best motivator is looking back at how she felt before CrossFit Kids and the positive changes are reflected in her confidence and how good she feels now.


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