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Nicole’s Success Story

In preparation for my wedding in 2010, I dropped 20 pounds running 4x/week and eating a 1200 calorie per day diet, loaded with gluten and processed foods.  I definitely looked better, but I was hungry and kind of miserable all the time. It just wasn’t sustainable. Within three months of the wedding, I’d gained back 10 of those pounds.
I knew it was time to finally make a real change in my life – not a quick fix, but something that I could do forever. My brother Andy introduced me to CrossFit… he’d been doing it for years and was in the best shape of his life. So, I signed up for Elements at CrossFit Central.  Those three little intro classes were both humbling (jerk? snatch? what?) and inspiring… I was hooked.
Since joining CrossFit Central, I have actually achieved the body I’ve always wanted – strong, lean, and feminine.  At my first body comp with Coach John Del Peral, we discussed my aggressive fat-loss goals and he challenged me to 30 days of super-strict nutrition coupled with CrossFit WODs.  With Coach JDP’s help, I reprogrammed my brain, gut and taste buds to love the Paleo lifestyle.
The side effects of the nutrition change were a dramatic loss of fat, sharper mental faculties, increased confidence, and better athletic performance. I’m confident in both my appearance and my abilities, and that confidence is translating into all areas of my life. I’m a better wife and a better mother. I feel sharper, more rested, and I feel like I have MORE time than I used to. I feel great in my skin.

I lost 26 pounds, 12.2% body fat & 5 dress sizes

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This is the first time in my entire adult life that I’ve not felt like I’m on a diet or working out just to lose weight. While I make a decision to eatsomething non-Paleo occasionally, I no longer feel guilty and spiral into a binge phase.

CrossFit Central has given me the courage to try things I never thought I could do. I remember standing with Coach JDP under the pull-up bar during my goal-setting and I was terrified to even jump up and grab the bar! I figured I’d be so weak that I would just fall right back off. Three months and I could do 10 unbroken!

I’m applying this newfound courage to all areas of my life – whether it’s having a hard parenting conversation, tackling a new project at work, or following my passion. I actually launched PaleoBetty.com as a way to share my love for gourmet cooking with the Paleo community. Just because we’re Paleo doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy amazing food!





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