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Niel’s Success Story

It was summer, 2009. At dawn, I was with my eldest son in the Negev desert in Israel, hiking up a mountain. He was running circles around me, up and down and past all of the switchbacks. Finally, he darted ahead and was gone. In the quick, rising heat of the morning, I was left to my own thoughts – here I was, a man in my late thirties in reasonably good health, who had to stop every hundred feet or so and catch my breath. I had recently dropped about 50lbs and I quickly realized that this change in diet was just the first step to better overall health – I now wanted to pay more attention to conditioning, to an overall regimen of fitness. In my shortness of breath, I looked to integrate a regular physical routine into an overall composite of wellness. So, upon returning to Austin and after some gentle encouragement from a friend, I took this important step.


The physical demands of Crossfit Central have brought more attention to bear, strengthening the emotional and mental aspects of my life, as well. I am now striving for wholeness with all aspects of my life – in addition to others counting on me for help during the day in my pastoral work as a Rabbi, I feel accountable to others, which in itself is a welcome feeling.

Getting up early three times a week and doing the exercise — committing to this uncompromising regimen gives a solid base on which to give counsel to others — taking steps to “enter and contribute to the wellness of your life” is not theoretical — because I am doing it and involved gives me empathy and compassion with others as they seek guidance and help. There is a direct correlation to my work and the pastoral work I do.

I am learning about pushing my body along with mind to manage stress daily and explore new parameters and expectations. My faith in people is reinforced in witnessing the dedication and passion of the instructors for improvement of the individual, no matter background and level.



Equipped with a Crossfit Central schedule, I can relentlessly refine my  approach to what goes into my mouth in addition to what comes out of it. It is a constant framework that I work within for improved living habits and mental attitude. Neglecting physical fitness is no longer an excuse for magnified attention to other vital aspects of my life. Attuning my body to the movement and depth of my soul allows for a more complete worldly outlook – which in turn, gives me more applied energy to tackle presenting or emergent issues or situation with calmness, increased stamina, and more intensive confidence.

My goals for the future are to continue to tighten the core – get more lean and drop another 15-20 pounds.

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