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Phillip’s Empowerment Story

I was beaten down.  I was so disheartened to try to run and have my knees hurt so bad I could barely walk.  I had developed terrible reflux and would shy away from more physical activities because I was embarrassed how far I had slipped and wanted to avoid failing at things I could do in the past.  Sometimes when you let things get to a point you forget how it can be any different.  

I turned 40 last year and realized I was overweight, had climbing blood pressure and cholesterol, and felt bad in general.  I was winded just walking up steps.  When you are short and going bald, adding being fat to the list is not a good thing.

My work hosted a boot camp and weight lose challenge that helped get me moving but I realized I needed more structure and something fun to keep me engaged.  I didn’t know a thing about CrossFit Central but I would drive down Burnet Road in the morning on the way to work and see these people walking around carrying kettle bells or running and it piqued my interest.  One day, I casually stopped in for information and ended up online that night reading all about the 10 physical skills and it just made sense to me.


Philip lost 25 pounds & Cholesterol dropped over 40 points

From a strictly physical view I have lost several inches off my waist, about 25 pounds, a bunch of fat, and can run a 10K for the first time in my life.  [quote align="center" color="#FF0000"]
My reflux is gone, my cholesterol dropped over 40 points, and my blood pressure is wicked low. [/quote]

Before joining CrossFit Central ATX I was active but basically out of necessity.  I never considered myself a runner.  I ran a little cross country in high school and the normal running in the Marine Reserves but anything over 3 miles was really tough for me.  About a month ago I went for a 3 mile run and just decided to keep going.  I was so excited and happy that at 6.5 miles I was laughing while running.  Since then I have run a 10K race and knocked my 5K time down but more importantly, I just don’t see it as an obstacle to keep me from trying.  In the past, I was constantly comparing my performance with others and it really got in my way.  At CrossFit Central ATX there are so many incredibly strong people, mentally and physically, I finally had to let my ego go and realize I just need to do my best each time.

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I think the two most underrated parts of CrossFit Central ATX are the coaches and the nutritional advice.  At Crossfit Central ATX, Coach Ben Flores has been exceptional in his attention to detail in his coaching.  He knows exactly how to push me to get a little more out of each day.  I have had the chance to work with other coaches in class and through the Lean Turkey Challenge.  I can say that across the board all of the coaches are enthusiastic and supportive regardless of the  condition you are in.

I could not have achieved my physical goals without the nutritional education provided by CrossFit Central ATX.  I started on my own with Adkins and moved to the Zone Diet before attending a nutrition class and learning about clean eating and the Paleo diet.  I am far from perfectly Paleo but understanding how different foods impact me, my performance, and general health has helped me continue to lose weight and fat while working on increasing strength.

Pushing myself through barriers in a WOD gives me a lot of confidence to take on new challenges, whether physical or at work.  I have so much more energy now, which helps while trying to get through tough days at work.  It is a tremendous help to have a stress relief at CrossFit Central ATX after challenging days at the office. Nothing makes you forget your stress like putting a heavy iron bar over your head repeatedly.

My love for CrossFit has now trickled into my family.  My daughter has started to challenge her own fitness and I really love that! She says she can’t have her dad more fit than her but I think she realizes being fit should be part of life, not a chore to cross off a few times per week.  She is now rocking the box jump, throwing the medicine ball around, and running 3 miles.  I’m very proud of her!


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