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Richard’s Empowerment Story

I now feel like and look like I did in college.”

prior to crossfit central

I was an athlete most of my life and played Division 1 baseball in college. But after college I stopped exercising for a few years.

I found CrossFit on the Internet and it seemed like to most no bull workout available. I wanted to get stronger, not just better conditioned, and was looking for a competitive outlet.




since taking on crossfit central programs

CrossFit got me back into exercise and gave me a way to feel like a athlete again and compete. Best of all, I feel and look like I did in college. I have more energy for my family and confidence in my everyday life. When you feel strong and in shape you have more confidence to complete other tasks in your work and personal life.

Crossfit has made me aware of the holes I had in my training even in College workouts. In CrossFit the bar continues to raise right when you think you are finally getting the hang of things. This is great because, you can never get comfortable. I’ve learned what pushing hard in a workout feels like.

Before CrossFit I had never done a heavy deadlift and very seldom did any legs at all. As a former Division I athlete, I find that crazy now that I know how to workout functionally. I look back and think why wasn’t I working out harder in College? I wish that I had crossfit when I was in High school or college – I honestly believe I would still be playing today.

The body can do much more than we think it can and I’d hate to go through life without taping into that ability. I plan on using the new knowledge I have of diet and exercise to help my son become a healthy happy little boy.

Favorite WOD: Grace or anything with heavy cleans.

Least Favorite WOD: Fran because, it takes my lungs at least an hour to recover.

It would have been a shame to never have known what is possible and I look forward to where I can go.

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