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Robert’s Empowerment Story


In March of 2009 my doctor told me my cholesterol was back on the rise and my triglycerides has jumped 143 points.  I was terrified and knew something drastic had to change. I had been working for 2 years to keep my cholesterol down and was unable to get the changes I needed.  I was going to the gym regularly but not getting a thorough enough workout.  I was craving a bigger challenge and desperately needed to see a physical change.

I joined CrossFit Central in August of 2009 and never looked back.  I knew immediately the intense workouts were just the extra push I was craving.

(editor’s note: according to the American Hear Association, the average American male has the following cholestorol reading: cholesterol = 212, HDL = 45, LDL = 115, Triglycerides = 144)




After 2+ years with CrossFit Central, I am in better shape approaching 40 years of age than I was at 35.  I can see physical improvements but the most important are my blood work results.  In January of 2010 my cholesterol was down to 186 and my triglyercides saw a huge drop to 81.  I was excited but had experienced improvements before but was unable to maintain them.  In April of 2011 my tests were the best yet.  My cholesterol is a low 176 and triglycerides are 72—best report yet!


I love that the workouts make me push myself mentally.  I work as a mortgage broker which can be extremely stressful.  During the day,  I always think back to my last WOD when I face a tough mental challenge and it helps me to meet it head on.  I leave my stress on the gym floor and my work at the office  so that I can spend time with my wife and young daughter.  My wife, Jessica, always says that “exercise is medicine” and she’s right!

 My cholesterol is down 87 points & triglycerides are down 265 points

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