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2012 Success Story: Alexa

Alexa Manza Success Story

I never thought I would run under a 10min mile and now I’m averaging 9min miles.  I even ran as fast as 8.5min for 2 miles on a hot day in April!  That seems crazy!!

Alexa Before CrossFit CentralBefore joining CrossFit Central I enjoyed triathalons, running 5 & 10K races.  I thought I was doing fine watching my weight but found that I often stepped on the scale and was forced to set a new “maintenance weight” as the numbers kept getting higher.  One day I stepped on the scale and I was one pound away from 150….I was NEVER going to be okay with that being my new “maintenance goal”.

Not only was I gaining weight, but my body was starting to not be able to keep up with my normal race schedule.  I often rode my bike and jogged the trail at Zilker Park or around my neighborhood, but the frequency was diminishing.  If I jogged then I invariably had injury.  Over the years I’d had repeatedly twisted an ankle and now the additional weight was causing extra pressure and pain.  My back would require days rest after running and visits to the chiropractor. My chiropractor discovered an issue with my right leg and that fixed up the pain in my left hip but running was still something that I wanted to do to lose weight but caused me a lot of consternation because I knew I would be hurt again.

I am a singer and have battled heartburn and acid reflux for years!  At times I have become hoarse and needed to see and ENT for steroid shots so I could perform.  This caused considerable amounts of stress for me.   I’ve attempted to control my condition with diet in the past but never found a true solution.


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I have stayed the same weight for 7 months which is huge for me.  I no longer take any medication for acid reflux and haven’t had vocal problems in over a year, which my band, Good As Gone, is extremely grateful for!  My increased core strength allows me to have more breath control while singing as well.

I really enjoy doing triathlons (sprints) but have never really been competitive.  I did my first sprint tri in 2 years on Sept 29, 2012 and I beat my 2010 time by 20 minutes.  CrossFit helped me finally smoke myself and it felt great. I nearly cried; ok, I sort of cried.

One of my favorite CrossFit accomplishments was finally finishing HELEN under the time limit. I really thought I would never get under that cutoff.  Then one day, I just did. It was an amazing feeling to yell TIME!  By the way my time was 13:30.

I have lost 24 pounds, 12.2% body fat and 7.5 inches. 

Alexa Manza CrossFit Central Success Story

One of the biggest breatkthroughs I have had since finding CrossFit Central was that I learned to eat.  This was and is key because it has affected everything.  At first I made small changes to my diet but was not quite ready to embrace a full Paleo lifestyle. Once I started seeing some results from CrossFit and possibly from eating differently then I was onboard to be completely into Paleo/clean eating. I started losing weight very fast after that.  I continue to go to the Nutrition Meetings at CrossFit Central and always hear something new.  I believe changing how you eat is the only way to succeed in any workout (not just CrossFit). .  All the WODs are for nothing if the food you are fueling with isn’t cooperating with your body.

I couldn’t have done it without the positive accountability and example of my coaches.  Starting with Crystal McReyolds, Nyki Helmcamp, Chelsea Ross and now Karen Pierce and Carey Kepler, these coaches are beyond anything I could have imagined. My classmates are driving motivators as well.  I hope I have encouraged them as much as they have encouraged and challenged me.  I look forward to friendly challenges and partner WODs and getting to yell….TIME!

Alexa’s Story: 



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