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Supnet-Zapata Empowerment Story

The Supnet-Zapata’s are a family of five empowered to lead healthy, active lifestyles! They take on challenges as a family, are committed to each other and committed to achieving their goals.

Orlando (the Dad): My wife, Lina, actually joined CrossFit Central first, then our kids (ages 8, 13, and 16), and finally myself.  I was a skeptic for about 6 months.  Being a former athlete and hanging around traditional gyms (Gold’s, 24 Hours, etc), I always thought I was my own best coach.  When I started seeing results in my wife and kids, I thought I would take a closer look and give it a try.  My main goals in joining were to improve my agility, lean out, and increase strength and stamina so I could continue to play soccer into my 40′s.

Lina (the Mom): Last May, after driving by CrossFit Central daily and seeing people working out, I stopped by to inquire about classes. Big Mike showed me around and talked about the program.  I signed my co-worker and I up that day.

Before joining CrossFit Central Both my husband OZ and I were members of several big gym’s over the years.  Our attendance was never consistent.  My biggest physical feat was running a half marathon in 2007 but a bad incident about my abilities as a runner deflated any sense of confidence that I had.  I continued sporadic workouts, continued eating, and continued to gain weight.

Emotionally I knew I was going down a slippery slope especially with a family history of heart disease and high blood pressure.  Physically, I was tired all the time, I was a size 14 the largest that I had ever been.  Mentally, I knew I wanted a different lifestyle, healthy, but didn’t have that spark to do it until I went to CrossFit Central.

Orlando: My life prior to CF Central consisted of going to Gold’s a couple times a week, or whenever I could make it.  Some days I would work on strength and others on endurance and I played soccer on the weekends.  My weight was pretty consistent at 153 lbs for the last 4-5 years. My fitness never really improved or declined, it just stayed status quo and I performed average on the soccer field. I knew I was slowing down and less agile on the soccer field, which started getting into my head and I honestly began second guessing my abilities and interest to continue to playing.

Orlando: Since joining CrossFit Central 6 months ago, I have lost 10 lbs, dropped 3 pant sizes (back to high school sizes), and feel spectacular!  I have also seen my performance on the soccer field get significantly better, particularly when it comes to endurance and agility.  The biggest impact was changing my diet and training more effectively.  I had never really watched what I ate, but after Coaches Jonh Del Peral and Crystal McReynolds explained the effects of what I was putting in my body and the benefits of eating a healthier paleo diet, I feel better than I have in 20 years.

The biggest breakthrough I have had is on the soccer field.  I didn’t think I was going to be able to play much longer, but now that I have this renewed energy and endurance, I really think I can play soccer competitively well into my 50′s.  I also see a huge increase in confidence in my wife.  She is doing things at the gym she never thought she would be able to do.  I am very proud of her and her milestone accomplishments – regular push-ups, personal records in deadlift and squats, next is the kipping pull-up.

Lina: Since joining CrossFit Central I have lost 12 pounds, my body fat has dropped from 31% to 20%, and I have lost three dress sizes! When I first started I could hardly do push ups on my knees, now I can do regular pushups on my toes and this July I broke a personal record on deadlift with 170 lbs.

I have never been athletic. In High School I did the usual cheerleading and drill team and dabbled in a little tennis. As a younger adult, I sometimes did the globo gym routine; but when I moved to Austin 10 years ago, I really wanted to take up running. I ran on my own and completed various 5k’s, the Cap 10K and in 2007 I took on my first half marathon. But unfortunately, an Austin run coach shattered my confidence and any belief in my ability to be a runner even if I was slow.

I didn’t do much running and didn’t enter any races or challenges until 2009 when I joined CrossFit Central. On August 21st, at The CrossFit Women’s Challenge, I completed my first ever CrossFit Challenge and I felt like an athlete. Last year is you asked me if I thought I could take on a CrossFit Challenge I would have thought you were crazy. I can’t wait to join the next challenge!

Since all of us attend CrossFit Central classes, I think it has made us closer as a family.  We all now share this common “hurt” that makes us all stronger and healthier.  It has definitely brought us all closer together.  All of my kidshave an increased confidence and self awareness that will transfer into their sports, school work and everyday life.

Our whole family is now also cognizant of what we eat and put into our bodies. Our youngest daughter, Nani (age 8) is now our spoken conscience, reminding everyone of what and what not to eat. It has definitely been a transformation. In fact, on vacations and even on weekends, we will routinely do family WODS at home, we even had a pull-up bar installed in our back yard since joining!

Family from CrossFit Central on Vimeo.

Orlando lost 10 lbs, dropped 3 pant sizes & increased his game on the Soccer Feild
Lina 12 pounds, 10% body fat, and three dress sizes

The Kid’s Perspective:
So many of us who have experienced CrossFit later in life think, Man, if CrossFit was around when I was in High School I wonder how much different my fitness level could have been. Lina & Orlando’s kids are doing just that. As the Supnet-Zapata children enter their adolescent and young adult phases of life they are learning what it means to push themselves, to not impose limitations on themselves and ultimately that they are powerful beyond measure.

The kids are all actively involved with sports Spencer (age 13) currently plays Football, Basketball, Soccer, Golf. Gabby (age 16) has played Soccer, Volleyball and Basketball, but mostly focuses on high school studies now. “This makes her workouts at CrossFit even more important” Lina saysAdrianna (better known as Nani, age 8) has played Soccer and Softball in the past and now wants to get into Tae Kwon Do. “CrossFit Kids as a whole has helped them become more confident.” Below are Spencer, Gabby & Nani’s thoughts on the CrossFit Kid’s Program!

What do you like most about the CrossFit Kid’s Program?
Spencer: I likes that it keeps me in shape during the off seasons from sports and I like the coaches.
Gabby: I really likes the workouts and being challenged during each class.
Nani: My coaches, Travis and Ben, and how fun they make the workouts.

What’s your favorite workout or exercise? 
Nani: Rope climbs and kettle bells!
Gabby: Squats and cleans
Spencer: Kipping pullups and deadlifts

What’s your favorite thing to eat? 
Nani: Smoothies and blueberries.
Spencer and Gabby: Lamb, Mom makes a great recipe
Lina: Spencer has taken the eating healthy so seriously that he hardly ever eats dessert, even when out celebrating special occasions like birthdays. He has become quite disciplined when it comes to eating healthy. We are now a no soda house and the kids drink water throughout the day. We are trying to get them to drink more, especially during the summer months.

@ the photo shoot:

Untitled from CrossFit Central on Vimeo.

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