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Susannah’s Success Story


I have always been overweight. Being overweight was just a part of my everyday reality. I would lose a few pounds here and there, but for the most part I was unconcerned with the specifics of my health because I knew it was all bad. When I finally got brave enough to get on the scale, I was shocked to see 267, a number 30 pounds heavier than the one I was already expecting. The next day, I started on a diet that helped me drop about 70 pounds on my own.

I was thrilled with my results, but soon became bored with running on the treadmill and eating pre-packaged food. I felt like I was getting thinner without getting healthier. More importantly, my mental state had not changed a great deal between pre and post weight loss. My bad habits were still very much a part of my life and it was an everyday struggle to overcome them. I found myself becoming less and less motivated and the weight I had worked so hard to get off was slowly creeping back up on me.

While visiting my brother in LA for New Year’s I went to a CrossFit gym he had recently joined for a workout. After warming up, I looked at the WOD: The Filthy Fifty. The name alone was enough to make me want to run away, but the trainer said that she could modify the routine for anyone. After about 30 minutes of push ups, sit ups, squats, and pull-ups, I was hooked! It was the best workout I had had in a very long time and as soon as I got back to Austin I joined CrossFit Central.


Since joining CrossFit Central, I have lost over 30 pounds, reduced my body fat from 35% to 22%, and have lost over 20 inches! While I am very proud of these numbers, a bigger accomplishment for me is seeing my progress when I workout. My very first day of class at CrossFit Central we did Fight Gone Bad. We only did 2 rounds, but I couldn’t even jump up on the small box and wall balls were unbearable. Six months later, I was able to finish all 3 rounds of Fight Gone Bad using a 55 pound barbell and a 14 pound medicine ball. I can see my improvement in every workout I do. Before joining Crossfit Central, I couldn’t run a full mile without stopping – now, I try to run a 5K at least once a week!

I am stronger and more confident in all aspects of my workouts and that has really translated into the rest of my life. I eat better and am more invested in my health than I have ever been. Now I workout because I enjoy it and I want to instead of it being something I have to force myself to do.







The thing I like the most about the programs at CrossFit Central is that it provides a huge amount of support. I feel like I can email or call my trainer – Coach Zachary Thiel – if I have a question about anything from nutrition to workouts to supplements. I know that he is invested in my progress and genuinely cares about my success. He motivates and challenges me, while at the same time making me accountable to get the job done. In and out of class, I know I can trust my trainer and that means a lot.

I’ve created close relationships with the people in my 5:30 am class. We are all friends and I look forward to seeing them and coming to the gym every morning. I really feel like I am part of a community at CrossFit Central, and I think that has been an integral part of my success.

My goals for the future? I would love to improve my running and my upper body strength. I want to be able to run a solid 10k and finally do a pull-up!

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