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Veronica’s Success Story

“Crossfit has helped to change my view of beauty, and as a result, elevated my confidence.”

Before CrossFit Central I was working out 2-3 hours a day, 6-7 days a week. Those workouts included 1-2 hours of cardio (cycling, treadmill, ellipse) and 1 hour of weightlifting. I was fit, but I wasn’t seeing the results that I thought I should with that type of input.

I was getting bored with my routine. After playing college basketball, I struggled to find something that was competitive enough to keep me engaged and excited.

At the same time my professional life was lacking the rigidity that had encompassed the majority of my life. I was living in a new city away from friends and family and I felt slightly lost. In addition, I felt it important to find a vocation, yet I had none. As someone who always had a plan and a goal to work towards, that period was probably the most difficult time of my life and it began to show in my weight.

Crossfit has helped to change my view of beauty, and as a result, elevated my confidence. At 6’1″ with an athletic build, I’m far from petite. I had always been comfortable with my height, but not until joining Crossfit did I see that strong really is beautiful. I don’t want to be rail thin!

Lost 23lbs & 6 Dress Sizes

When I joined Crossfit Central, I knew that I needed to lose a little weight, but I had no idea that I was capable of seeing the improvement that I’ve seen. I thought that my natural weight was around 160-165; however, since joining Crossfit, I’ve gone from 173 to 150 lbs. The pants that I’ve worn since college now fall off of me–literally! I’ve gone from a size 8-10 to a size 4-6.

I’ve made a number of great friends since joining. As someone who likes to think outside of the box, I really value the open-mindedness of the Crossfit Central community. In addition, CrossFfit Central exudes a positive aura, from the clients to the coaches, and it is truly infectious.

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