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Thinking about the Open

The first Open workout will be released in 7 days. This will be the first step of many on your way to the CrossFit Games. Between now and then you will have to prove yourself in many ways and in various settings. If you plan on competing as an individual, you will need a team that will support you and take care of you. Training partners, a coach, and body workers are just the start. If you are on a team, you will need to put team accountability before everything else. Some people think that a team is only as strong as its weakest link. Others believe that a team is the average of its athletes. Either way, all members of your team will need to be performing at their peak if you wish to travel far into the season.

What should you be thinking about 7 days out from the Open? Just a couple of things that I would be thinking about:

How do I feel today? What do I need to do to stay healthy and strong for the 5 weeks of the Open, while still training hard enough to make the gains I need to compete at Regionals?

What does your pre-training, intra-training and post-training fuel look like?

How do you manage pain in a training session? How do you manage pain after a training session? AKA: What do your recovery practices look like?

What supplements do you take for health, and what supplements do you take for performance?

Do you have all the equipment you will need to compete? (Shoes, knee sleeves, weight belt, wrist wraps and a jump rope are some of the more popular items people can and do use).

The season is long – you will have to manage yourself and your training partners for the duration. Treat yourself and your team like professionals, and you’ll get professional results.

— Coach Michael Winchester

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