Two Sport Athlete – Caroline Durbin

Caroline Durbin, CrossFit Central Athlete since 2009, has moved to Spain to compete and play for a professional basketball team.

Durbin, Caroline

Caroline, a two time all conference player and two-time academic all-american, graduated from the University of New Mexico in 2013. Prior to her freshman year at the University of New Mexico Caroline started CrossFit to gain strength, speed and power. In August 2013 Caroline rejoined CrossFit Central and trained with Coaches Chris Hartwell and Karen Pierce to prepare for her move to professional basketball.

“I love CrossFit as a way to supplement my more basketball specific training. Basketball really involves the entire body, a combinations of strength, power, balance and conditioning. CrossFit has been great in preparing me for pro ball.”

Caroline is now the newest member of Deportiva Zamarat, Spanish 1st Division League – La Liga Feminina, in Zamora, Spain. While she fulfills her dreams of playing professional basketball, Caroline will miss CrossFitting at CrossFit Central.

KP’s class is awesome. Always a lot of energy and everyone rooting for each other. It is so fun to come to that environment after hours and hours alone in the gym. KP also helped me doing a food log, something I had never done before. Its also neat to have a female coach…She may not know it but I think she is a role model to many of the females at CC downtown. Overall I just think it is really awesome how CrossFit central is so versatile, from helping me in high school when I was just skin and bones, to now as a professional athlete, it is still a great way for me to stay in shape and improve strength.”

Stay up to date with Caroline’s progress in Spain [HERE]

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