Central Athlete Feature: April Jones

Before joining CrossFit Central I was a major bikram yoga addict and thought nothing would ever steal me away. This girl (with an 8 pack) came in to class one day and we struck up a conversation. I joined her a week later in the CrossFit class she had been telling me about. And I loved it and have never looked back. I had heard that CrossFit Central was top notch so I did some research and quickly decided that I wanted to be a part of what they created. I joined Jess Estrada’s morning, women’s class in August 2013. I had started dropping in the month before. I was hooked even more. She is a coach of the highest caliber and that’s a fact.

I have lost about 6% body fat, maybe more and 8 lbs. When I moved to Austin in November 2012, I was the heaviest and softest I had ever been (I was depressed in Dallas the year before) and I could not wear my expensive designer jeans. It only took a couple of months and working out at CrossFit Central had me trimmed down and leaned up enough to fit back into my skinny jeans before the holidays of that year. I don’t know how I have changed in inches or size because I am not as concerned about that stuff as I used to be. I just know I am quite a bit more muscular/fit than I have ever been (but fairly lean) and that I look good and feel great. People ask me all the time if I am a trainer or a coach and I tell them “no, but I know where they can find the best ones around.” I have way more confidence and better self-esteem than before CrossFit. I don’t take diet pills or exhibit body dysmorphia anymore. And I realize that I can do way more than I think I can. I love this sport, the community, more than words can say.


Favorite workout or movement? 
I love the snatch for the same reason I should hate it – because it is SOOOOO technical and challenging. I am a big fan of handstand pushups and walking handstands because I am a little bit good them. I hate Turkish Get ups. Those suck.

Favorite food or meal? 
This question is too hard. Lamb chops way up there. Or a lamb burger, like at HopDoddy with the Tzatziki Sauce.

What are your goals for the remainder of the year? What do you want to achieve? 
Snatch 110# and get a muscle up. Other than that, stay connected with this community and continue to grow and be healthy in my mind and my body. Very very happy I moved to austin and that I joined crossfit central. Excellent decisions on my part. ;-)

PRs & Gains
Back Squat: July 2013 185#, Now 205#
Dead Lift: July 2013 175#, Now 235#
Shoulder Press: July 2013 95#, Now 105#
Power Clean: July 2013 115#, Now 155#
Push Jerk: same as power clean above. :-)
Front Squat: July 2013 155#, Now 175
Snatch: July 2013 90, Now 100#

I attribute these gains to strength, hard work but just as much to technique improvement which happened through the high level of coaching I received!

This Spring April took on her first-ever CrossFit competition and won 1st place in the Masters Division.
“I was very shocked because I look up to those girls for one thing. Everyone, I thought, did so well that I didn’t imagine I would win. It was my first competition as an individual and I liked it. I will start looking to do another one in the Fall probably. Yeah, im still really proud of that win. And to get to be around so many amazing women at one time is just awesome. It gets you pumped for sure.”

CrossFit Central is building a community of fit individual all over Austin. We offer multiple locations and a variety of training to help you have fun and get results.


  • Reply June 11, 2014

    Joella Gallegos

    April, this is amazing! So very proud of you and your dedication to your passion! You deserve 1st place and that is super exciting. You should be coaching/training people. Your dedication, knowledge and the obstacles you have overcome can be such an inspiration to many.

    Love you

    Proud lil Sis

  • Reply June 11, 2014

    Mark Waller

    I know April from Bend, OR where she use to live. She is a great person and absolutely beautiful physical specimen. It’s awesome to she she is doing so well.

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