Central Athlete Feature: Kelly Vidor

First anniversaries are special.

Kelly Vidor is preparing to celebrate her first anniversary this year—her first CrossFit anniversary, that is.

She says she can’t imagine life now without the community she’s become a part of and the person she has become.

Prior to jumping into the personal training and CrossFit classes with Coach Lisa Thiel and Jessica Estrada, Kelly was “occasionally working out at the YMCA downtown, swimming laps, sitting in the steam room, and going to yoga classes.” She also says her life had little direction—she had put college on hold, and felt like she had no idea what she was meant to do in life.

Around August of 2013, Kelly crossed paths with Lisa and Jeremy Thiel and was introduced to the idea of trying something new.

“She and Jeremy had me over to dinner, where they gave me the run down of what my life could look like with good direction (Jeremy did most of the talking while Lisa shook her head and smiled. He is very passionate!).  A week later, Lisa invited me to watch the Phoenix—all women’s competition—at the CrossFit Central Burnet location.  At this competition I saw women, I now call friends, doing exercises that I thought I could possibly do and they seemed to be having fun doing them! I was hooked.  I wanted to do what those other badass women were doing.  That very day Lisa said she would train me twice a week and the rest is history!”

Kelly started training at the beginning of September 2013 and has not looked back.

“I have experienced so much change it is almost unreal.  First of all, my life was going in completely different (self-destructive) direction when I met Lisa and Jeremy.  I was unhappy in my newfound sobriety and becoming angry, anti-social and I had no job, but they had confidence in me, when I had none in myself…now, that has changed drastically!” Kelly said.


Since that time, Kelly decided to go to school at St. Edwards University to finish her bachelor’s degree in psychology. She’s experienced physical transformations, including gaining 5 lbs. of muscle and losing 5.5% body fat over the past year.

“My clothes fit better and I have abs now.  This past month, I had a 50 lb. PR ,going from previous 150 lb. dead lift to 200 lbs.  I can push jerk 125 lbs., push press 120, and strict press 100 lbs.”

Most importantly, Kelly says she’s gained direction and self-confidence.

“CrossFit gives me an edge and an intensity, and also keeps me focused.  I have gone from leaning on (mental crutches) to standing on my own feet. CrossFit helps me be strong physically, mentally, and emotionally.  CrossFit drives me to be better at everything from being a better sister, daughter, friend, student, and even employee.  I truly have grown up in the past year,” the now, 27-year old says.


Getting to Know Kelly: Fun Facts

 What is your favorite workout or movement? Cleans, overhead squats, back squats, snatches, split jerks… anything with a barbell except for strict press and thrusters… thrusters eat my lunch.  I also love partner WODs.  Rowing is great too!

Favorite food? Bacon… I put bacon on and in almost everything that I cook, except for when I cook pulled pork.  Second favorite is fresh seafood, but I don’t get much of that here in Austin, so every time I am in Houston I overload on seafood and butter, which often go hand in hand. 

What are your goals for the remainder of the year? I would like have a strong fall semester at St. Edwards. I want to string my double unders together. I want a consistent kipping pull up. I want a consistent toes to bar. And I want to try out for and make advanced athlete. 

What do you do outside CrossFit? For fun, I like to go out to the Marble Falls and relax on the lake.  I also Iike to take my dog to the dog park or Zilker.  I read a lot.  I swim a lot. I love shopping too much! I’m a Junior at St. Edwards University. I work at the Texas Capitol for Senator Whitmire as a Legislative Intern. 

Some fun facts we would not know about you?

  • I do not own or watch TV.
  • I hate cheese and mayonnaise
  • 19 months of sobriety
  • I’m a beast at Karaoke. 

CrossFit Central is building a community of fit individual all over Austin. We offer multiple locations and a variety of training to help you have fun and get results.

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    Your an Amazing young lady. Don’t let anyone or anything stop you. We are all your cheerleaders in life. Blessing my sweet girl.

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