Central Athlete Feature: Paige Parsons

New Year’s Resolutions typically don’t last—particularly for the fitness-minded folk.

At the turn of each and every new year, thousands of people resolve to get fit—and stay fit, only to let March, April…July…roll around, and have forgotten their resolve to get fit this year.

Relentless Bootcamper, Paige Parsons, is an exception to this statistic.

While she started bootcamp for the first time a little after the New Year, she has been—and stayed—consistent with attending her twice-weekly class for the past 5-months.

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Paige is a crew-member of Coach Lucy’s Little Stacy Park Bootcamp on Monday and Wednesdays at 6 p.m. The high-school English teacher was originally convinced to give Bootcamp a try after her sister, Coach Megan Parsons, began coaching Relentless Bootcamps a few years ago. While she enjoyed the experience, she said that she struggled with consistency and did not prioritize her fitness or health like she does now.

I saw excellent results, but then I foolishly took some time off and of course gained back some weight! I knew the only answer was to join boot camp again so I could get back in shape and enjoy the process. Now, this time around, I’ve been consistent and I love the way I’m looking and feeling,” Paige said.

Since incorporating fitness, paired with clean eating habits, into her life on a regular basis, Paige has noticed changes in her energy and stress levels her clothing sizes, her digestion, and her food cravings.

“I wake up early on my own now without an alarm. I am much more confident and less stressed. I get to go shopping in my closet every day because I can finally wear my old clothes again. My stomach problems cease to exist. I take a shot of apple cider vinegar before every meal to help with digestion and drink lemon water to help with hydration. I also meal prep every Monday and make sure my refrigerator is stocked with lean meats, veggies, boiled eggs, sweet potatoes, strawberries, and avocados,” Paige said.

Most importantly, Paige said she’s been inspired to share with others the life changing effects of incorporating fitness and healthy, nutritious foods into her daily routine.

“I have become very passionate about teaching my students about life, health, and fitness (more than just English),” Paige said.

Fun Facts About Paige

Q. What is your favorite workout or movement?

A. Endurance workouts that combine running and kettle bell movements.

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Q. Favorite food or meal?

A. Baked sweet potato slices smothered in cinnamon and sea salt, and my breakfast quiche with eggs, turkey sausage, spinach, red pepper, and tomato.

Q. What are your goals for the remainder of the year?

A. What do you want to achieve? Join an indoor class, run a 7-minute mile, move up to swinging a 30 lb kettle bell, and be able to complete 20 unbroken “real” push ups.

Q. What do you do outside CrossFit?

A. Dancing downtown with my “hot mess crew”; Singing; Trying new restaurants, food and cocktails; Playing with make-up and trying out new fashion trends; Cooking up new healthy recipes; And drinking margaritas on a patio.

Q. Three fun, random facts we probably wouldn’t know about you

A. I was salutatorian in high-school and voted Best Personality and Most Friendliest in high school. My nickname is ‘Red Velvet’.

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