Easy, Clean and Delicious – Fixed Foods

Hungry? Why wait?

Grab some Paleo grub.


Fixed Foods is a new Paleo catering service here in Austin meant to make your life easier for when you are hungry and want a clean, delicious meal.

Fixed Foods is founded by Gerald Flynn, a CrossFit Central client and New York native, who’s lived in Austin since he got his first ‘grown up’ job with the advertising software company AdRevolution post-college.


So how does a software guy go from ad sales to Paleo-food entrepreneur?

I discovered Paleo after learning my wife had been diagnosed with Chronic Plaque Psoriasis. Since it’s an inflammatory auto-immune disease, we started researching more holistic ways to help alleviate some of her symptoms since her medication was upwards of $2,000 a month. As you can imagine, we were on the prowl for a lifestyle that excluded many of the common inflammatory agents/all of the fun things people like to consume (gluten, refined sugar, alcohol). Enter: Paleo. Now, our life is magical…and full of bacon,” Gerald said.

Not long after, in 2013, Gerald said he was inspired to start his own food company primarily for two reasons:

  1. I am so amazed by the science behind what food can do to our bodies; and’
  2. I saw an incredible, untouched opportunity here in Austin and couldn’t pass it up. Plus, I make a much better business owner than employee.”

As Gerald and his wife, Sadie (also a CC family member), began to explore the Austin Paleo-food market, they discovered a couple companies already in the works as well on KickStarter. While the news of his ‘un-originality’ could have gotten him down, Gerald used the competition as a learning experience.

As we were scoping the scene out, we noticed there was one in Texas. In Austin. With a Kickstarter fund. And clients. And a following. I initially thought: ‘Damnit! They beat me to it!’ But as they say – being first can surely be an advantage, but so can being second. I took what I found to be weak areas in those companies and really worked my ass off to make sure I excelled. With the help of some very talented people willing to give me their time and talent, I was able to brain-pick my way into a pretty decent business plan. And, of course, there’s always room for improvement,” Gerald said.

After nearly six months of crafting, creating and trying new recipes, Fixed Foods initially held a ‘soft launch’ of the company back in April 2014 in order to refine their product and service for their official launch this past July, website (www.fixedfoods.com) and all.

The mission of Fixed Foods is to provide the Paleo community (and beyond!) with access to nutritious and flavorful meals – without having to lift a spatula. We want to not only encourage the Paleo eatocracy, but we want to empower people through food. As people eat our food we want to educate eaters about the incredible benefits of consuming unprocessed foods and how their body reacts to certain ingredients so they can lead a happy life,” Gerald said.

The process of getting fresh, Paleo-made meals delivered to your door is quite simple.


All you have to do is go to www.fixedfoods.com., click on the ‘Order Now’ tab at the top, and the site will walk you through a step-by-step process to determine your ‘Likes’, your ‘Dislikes’, allergies, number of meals you’d like each week, and delivery schedule.

As business is booming, Gerald says that the Austin community could not be more supportive.

Community is so important during this process. The best part, hands down, has been meeting all the people. Clients, experts, partners, potential investors, friends of friends – everyone has been so awesome and so supportive,” he said.

Thinking of trying it out?

Gerald has set up a special menu option for ‘food trials’ for those on the fence as to whether a regular meal plan is for them.

Check it out here

His favorite food?

I’m pretty sure our ancho coffee pork tenderloin is what dreams are made of,” Gerald said.  

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