Event Schedule At a Glance

The weather is heating up, and so is our event calendar! Check out the competitions, community events and training opportunities that are happening in April, May and June.

  • Competitions

Relentless Urban Run: Sunday, May 4th

Urban Run

This is not your ordinary 5K. We add in all sorts of FUN elements to this Urban Run, like kettlebells, odd objects, burpees and more. AND it’s a partner workout! The Urban Run is a part of the Relentless Event Series which also includes the Garage Gym Throwdown (see below).

Sunday, May 4th | Registration Opens Monday, April 7th
**registration for the Urban Run – Garage Gym Throwdown Combo Opens April 7th**
Details & Registration

Project Mayhem: Friday, May 9th


Details Will Be Posted Here. Stay Ready.

Garage Gym Throwdown: Saturday, June 14th

Garage Gym Throwdown

 Our 5th annual Garage Gym Throwdown will be held on June 14th. This years marks our 5th edition and is guaranteed to be the best one yet. The Garage Gym Throwdown is the 2nd event in the Relentless Event Series (the 1st being the Urban Run). This is a partner event that takes place offsite, in a 3 story parking garage. Competitors unlock a new level of fun as they make their way down – and up – the parking garage.

Saturday, June 14th | Registration Opens May 5th
**registration for the Urban Run – Garage Gym Throwdown Combo Opens April 7th**
Details Will Be Posted Here


  • Training & Education Opportunities:

Barbell Seminar: Saturday, April 26th

Barbell Seminar

If you are a lifter who needs some more time on the bar, a beginner in need of direction or a CrossFitter that is looking to lift heavier and more efficiently, this is for you. If you are competing in CrossFit at any level – local, the Open, Regionals or the CrossFit Games, then this is a no-brainer.

Saturday, April 26th | Open to 30 Athletes
Details & Registration

  • Community Events

Community Happy Hour: Friday, April 11th

La Mancha Happy Hour

We want to get everyone together, from all locations and training programs to hang out. Bring your friends and family and meet us on the patio!

Friday, April 11th at La Mancha

Spring Picnic: Friday, May 16th

Spring Picnic
The Spring Picnic is a one of our favorite annual events! This is a pot-luck style party where we rent out an Austin park, provide meat for the grill and everyone brings a (paleo-ish) side dishes to share! We also bring out a few games for kids and set up a Hooverball tournament. That’s right, Hooverball. Tournament.

Friday, May 16th
Details Will Be Posted Here


CrossFit Central is building a community of fit individual all over Austin. We offer multiple locations and a variety of training to help you have fun and get results.

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