Central Athlete Feature: John and Sat Heidgerken

Some people call CrossFit ‘insane.’

Married duo John and Sat Heidgerken knew all about insanity though before they started CrossFit—they were dedicated exercisers to the P90-X sister video series Insanity prior to joining CrossFit Central last year.

“A friend of mine had been doing CrossFit for awhile with Central and would tell me how much she loved it. It really took a year before I was even interested in doing it, and another six months to not be intimidated to try it. (John and I) tried Insanity before starting at CrossFit Central,” Sat said.

TAMod02zRNm26h37gsg43iy_10vsBjtWe2tJsItOcZYA couple months into the video series, Sat, 27, and John, 32, knew they needed some more direction, community and good coaching. Without further ado, they were decided to put their toes in the water and they signed up for Relentless Bootcamps.

“I had been living a primarily sedentary lifestyle, between a desk job and inactivity at home. Sure I attempted Insanity to try to get back in shape, but that only resulted in injury and I wasn’t able to continue. After resolving the injury, Sat and I joined Relentless to get healthy and active together,” John said.

While the IT Storage Engineer (John) and private yoga teacher (Sat) were open to making a lifestyle change in order to gain overall better health and well-being, they said they had no idea what they were really in for.

“The bootcamp developed a genuine interest in my personal goals and helped drive my fitness and eating habits in the right direction. It also developed a growing interest in weight training for both of us and by August, we both joined the indoor classes,” John said.

The rest is history.

Reflecting back on the past year, John and Sat both cannot believe how much their lives have changed.

“Before CrossFit, I was diagnosed with high blood pressure, so I became a vegetarian to stay off blood pressure meds, but still had borderline high blood pressure. Since joining CrossFit, I eat an 80/20 Paleo diet and my blood pressure and blood oxygenation are better than ever. I have also lost a total of 32.75 inches all over my body and 5.2% body fat, not to mention gaining more confidence and becoming more outgoing,” Sat said.


John echoes Sat’s transformation, from the inside out.

“I have lost 10% body fat, lost 4-inches in my waist and 5-inches in my stomach. I gained 10 lbs. of muscle, consistently eat healthier and am more conscious of the impact of food on my body and how I feel. Overall, I am stronger, healthier, happier, more energetic and self-confident,” John said.

This CrossFit power couple now trains at 5:30 a.m. on Tuesday and Thursday mornings, John under the guidance of Coach Chris Hartwell and, Sat, with Coach Karen Pierce.


Fun Facts With John and Sat

Favorite Food: Grilled pork chop, sweet potatoes and Brussels sprouts (Sat); Beef filet with mashed sweet potatoes and grilled asparagus (John)

Favorite workout or movement: Handstands (Sat); In-and-out and ‘anything kettlebell’ (John)

Current Goals: I want to be able to consistently string double-unders together and continue to work on my double-unders, as well as confidently complete a mud run (Sat). I want to get my handstand pushup and clean 200 lbs. (John).

What do you do outside of CrossFit: I teach yoga and love spending time with my husband, especially when we do something outdoors together. I am also going back to school for Exercise Science, and would like to eventually pursue physical therapy school (Sat). I work full-time as an IT Storage Engineer for Rackspace and I love spending time with my wife, especially when we are doing outside activities (John).

A random fact or two we don’t know about you: I graduated from high-school in 3 years and my legal name is Mary Catherine after my great-grandmother (Sat). All of my co-workers and friends call me ‘Gerken’ and I received my Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts in Music Education, though that is not my career. I also play the Euphonium instrument (John).

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