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Central Athlete Personal Training

Are you ready to transform your life, get fit or improve your physical performance? Central Athlete Personal Training is for you.


Lose weight, get healthy, reveal the real you.

Banish the days of panting up a flight of stairs and habits that leave you feeling sluggish in favor of a lifestyle that exhilarates you. Your coach will help you set workout and nutrition goals that will transform your body and your life.

“Before joining CrossFit Central I led a very sedentary life; I sat behind a computer all day and never exercised.   Since joining in September 2013, I’ve lost 35 lbs and reduced my body fat percentage by over 10% while getting stronger and improving my overall cardiovascular health.  I now have more energy to keep up with my young children.  As a result of the weight loss and improved fitness level I no longer have to take blood pressure medicine.  I’m so glad I made the decision to visit CrossFit Central and try CrossFitting.  It hasn’t been easy, but all the hard work is well worth the effort.  It’s truly changing my life for the better.”

Jason Franklin CrossFit Central

Jason Franklin, has transformed his life through training. He has gained energy through weight loss that he has kept off. By working with your coach you too can loose weight steadily, learn proper nutrition, exercise and healthy habits.


Get strong, chiseled and stave off boredom.

Our coaches will craft a custom routine to get you where you want to go. Utilize intense cardio moves and low-weight high repetition for a lean shape, or push yourself for the ultimate muscle-up experience. Show off a shredded physique and gain second glance status, no matter your starting point.

“The impact of my 3+ years of personal training goes so far beyond the gym floor. It pushes me outside my comfort zone and this has spilled over into my family, it has spilled over into my career it has changed how I see and think about myself and my life and what I’m actually capable of accomplishing.”

Chris Guassarin Before and After

Christine Gaussiarn has experienced first hand how personal training can change and chisel your physical appearance through proper programing, nutrition and weight training.


Be tough, be extreme, and exceed your goals.

Kick it into high gear to give your everyday fitness routine a wake-up call. Test your limits with obstacle coursesmarathon training, and adrenaline pumping adventure excursions. Whether you want to run your first marathon or climb Mt. Everest, our coaches will take you to the peak of performance.

“Since starting training not only has my physical fitness improved I am able to perform at a higher level and constantly see results.” —Todd Wellington

Todd Wellington before and after

Todd Wellington has achieved performance goals he couldn’t imagine prior to training. He has exceeded all of his PR’s, experienced transformation and has maintained his personal fitness.