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Off-Site and At-Home Training

Prefer to train at home? Wish a coach would come to you? Want a program to help you take the guesswork out of what to do other than videos or the same ol’ routines? BASIC_2014_-112Central Athlete offers in-home training services for clients in the Austin area who are looking for an individualized program tailored to their goals and implemented in the comfort of their own home. Similar to our remote coaching programs, every client’s new program entails:

  1. Strategy Session. Meet with your coach at your residence to assess the training area, review goals and set up a weekly schedule.
  2. Testing. You coach will analyze your body composition, movement, strength balance and work capacity. This could take anywhere from one to several weeks, depending upon the nature of your goals, training age and your time frame.
  3. Training. Once testing is complete and a baseline of your fitness established, your regular training program begins, wherein your coach travels to your home for your regularly scheduled sessions. Testing and re-evaluation continues throughout the process.
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