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Individualized Training: The Evolving Model

BASIC_2014_-111-200x300Here’s a little challenge for you: Search Google for the term “Remote Coaching,” and you will get a handful of search results; approximately 15,400,000 or so, right? Then, search Google for the term “Group Training.” This time, what did you find? We found approximately 1,580,000,000 results. Quite a difference. Remote Coaching is a relatively new term. That being said, we at Central Athlete believe a movement is coming—a shift in the world of fitness—specifically functional fitness. We see it is our mission to be movers and shakers in spreading that movement. Dating back to the late 1960’s, "group fitness" has been the primary form of fitness most people have sought out in order to get fit and make physical activity a part of their lives. In 1968, Dr. Kenneth Cooper released his book Aerobics, and the following year, Jazzercise hit the mainstream globo gyms, spearheading the model of group fitness classes for years to come (from jazz and hip hop dance to kickboxing, Pilates, yoga, Zumba, and more). Now, over 40 years later, Americans are more aware than ever that regular exercise and quality nutrition are not only healthy practices to incorporate into their lives but imperative. Exercise and quality nutrition is imperative if they want to avoid the continually escalating Diabetes, obesity, and other chronic disease crises we face as a nation today. They're imperative if one wants to reach his or her fullest personal potentials (i.e. aesthetics, performance, strength, etc.). Unfortunately, no matter what your personal goals are…group fitness will only get you so far. How come? Because group fitness is intended for the masses, a wider audience; in other words: Not You. Sure, it gets you up and moving. Blood flowing. Heart pumping. But if you are wanting to reach a certain goal, or find the "right program" for you, group fitness will only get you so far, since it was not intended to do just that. As an analogy, it would be like buying a membership to a globo-gym to do CrossFit on your own and going through the motions of CrossFit but not fully experiencing a main component that CrossFit is known for: the community. Or going to a health foods store, like Whole Foods, with every intention to eat healthier, but walking out with Whole Foods’ mac & cheese, a bag of whole-grain chips and Gelato (Mentality: "But it’s from Whole Foods, it’s got to be good for me."). You are missing the boat. Remote Coaching, essentially, is individualized design—a fitness training program specifically designed for you, your body, your goals; Meeting you right where you are and getting you to where you want to be. Unlike personal training, wherein you meet one-on-one in person with a trainer for each and every session, Remote Coaching brings your coach or trainer straight to you—no matter where you are—every single training day. Your training plan is structured according to your schedule, your goals and your needs, and your Remote Coach takes the thought out of the "what-to-do?" in the gym by delivering a weekly training plan template straight to your inbox and adjusting it according to your progress, plateaus, and needs from week to week. The commitment required from you? Following through with your plan to see correlated results. Training plans are not randomized either. If you have a Remote Coach who has been specially trained in the Central Athlete or OPEX-derived training methodologies, you are ensured to undergo an in-depth assessment and re-assessment process throughout your ongoing course of training. The assessment process is where the magic of your personal program design and goal attainment happens.

  • Are you squatting properly to get the maximum benefit and lean muscle development you can get in order to improve your strength?
  • How about your overhead position? Is a lack of shoulder stability impeding your numbers from going up?
  • Chronic knee or back pain had you sidelined for years from fully giving it your all in your workouts? Perhaps there are some imbalances you were unaware of.
  • Is something in your diet inhibiting your body’s ability to burn fat?
These are just some questions your assessment and Remote Coach can help you problem solve. Every single person can benefit from a coach in multiple areas of their lives: from business and mathematics to singing, acting, painting, writing, mental health, nutrition and fitness. If this were not the case, there would be A LOT of business coaches, marketing gurus, tutors, counselors, nutritionists and trainers out of business. Group fitness will only get you so far for your personal health and fitness success. Why not give a more personalized approach a try? Check out Central Athlete for more information (www.centralathlete.com).


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