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[igp-video src="" poster="http://centralathlete.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/10/Nutrition-is-a-huge-component-towards-whether-or-not-we-are-moving-towards-our-goals.-The-problem-is.jpg" size="large"] Nutrition is a huge component towards whether or not we are moving towards our goals. The problem is, is that many Coaches and fitness organizations don't start by assessing where people currently are. Here's our process: 1. Assess our clients nutrition and lifestyle patterns with objective and accurate data. This is usually in the form of nutrition logging and body composition assessments. 2. Based upon the assessment and the goal, their Coach will prescribe one behavioral modification. This could be, "eat animal based protein for breakfast". 3. Establish adherence relative to the behavioral modification. This is often the overlooked component. We need to know that the client is at least maintaining an 80% rate of compliance. 4. Retest. Did the client improve relative to their goal? If this client is looking for body composition improvements, and they complied with the prescription, did their body composition improve? From here, we are presented with three archetypes: 1. Low compliance, low results. This is about half of the people we come across. For these people, we find a more realistic prescription. One that they feel 90-100% confident that they will be able to comply for the designated time frame. We employ an evidence based tool that uses the clients' own motivation for change to boost their compliance rate. 2. High compliance, high results. This is 40% of the clients we see. They do what is asked and get the results. This is where we want our clients. We hold the course here because we know that the prescription is working relative to their goal. 3. High compliance, low results. This is about 10% of the clients we see. This gets a little complicated but we start trying to make small tweaks. We also might want to look "under the hood" and employ Level 2 assessments with these folks. This might blood work, cortisol panel, heart rate variability. If you are frustrated because you feel like you are "spinning your wheels", connect with us and set up a free 30 minute consultation.


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