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The Crossfit Open has finally arrived! 14.1 is done and in the books, personally I am so relieved 14.1 is over with to get all... Read More

#Letsgo 2014

Goals - Mantras - Vision Boards – Scribbles on my mirror?  YES  - all of it a lot!  It’s the little things that you fill your brain with... Read More

Gritness 100

My fellow goddess/workout buddy/coaching friend/partner-in-crime, LUCY, took on the Gritness 100 with me this past Sunday. The event consisted of a 100yd sprint and then proceeded through 10... Read More

Focus Ladies

I have been making some changes in my diet over the past 6 months. Adding back more carbohydrates, specifically from sweet potato, butternut squash, and... Read More