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CrossFit Striker Trainer Course

CrossFit Striker Trainer Course

September 28, 2013 – September 29, 2013 all-day
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In short, we take an athletic approach to striking by teaching proper bio-mechanics and how to properly add them to CrossFit WODs.

The CrossFit Striking Trainer Course is designed to give participants the essential skills that will allow them to instruct athletes in the basic striking concepts of mixed martial arts, boxing and self-protection. Participants will be taught how to incorporate striking drills into CrossFit workouts so that overall fitness, core strength, rotational speed and power can be increased. In addition, the CrossFit Striking Trainer Course will teach participants to:


  • Achieve a fighter’s fitness level
  • Add variety to CrossFit workouts
  • Be able to throw proper strikes and combinations, i.e. punch & kick
  • Understand the role of the kinetic chain and the posterior chain that support athletic performance and fighting
  • Increase the speed and power of strikes, regardless of experience
  • Be able to teach proper striking mechanics to clients
  • Safely run a training session involving striking skills and drills
  • Teach an essential self-protection skill-set to athletes
  • Effectively use shadow boxing, focus mitts and a heavy bag
  • Effectively add rotation and first-step quickness to your workouts

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