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BancVue ‘s Empowerment Story

Gabe Krajicek is the CEO of BancVue, an innovative company bringing solutions to community banks empowering them to compete with mega-banks.  Gabe and Co-Founder, Don Shafer have taken BancVue to the top of their industry, receiving the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award.

When Gabe’s wife, Beth Anne, decided to try CrossFit, there was no way such a driven businessman was joining her “girly boot camp thing.”  It only took a couple of reports from Beth Anne for Gabe to realize CrossFit was not for wimps!  Gabe quickly saw that CrossFit Central at RunTex’s values were inline with BancVue’s core values of “interdependence and badassitude” and presented the idea to his key staff.  From that point on, Beth Anne, Gabe, Susan and Don decided to conquer CrossFit as a team.   Since that day, over 30 members of the BancVue team have converted to CrossFitt and their business success is through the roof!  Since joining CrossFit Central one year ago, BancVue’s productivity has increased such that they have grown from 200 employees to 300!

Beth Anne: before I found CrossFit, I was bored with the gym and losing interest in my weekly Tennis matches.  I knew I was not pushing myself enough.  CrossFit redefined my definition of “hard” and brought back my excitement for working out.  I lost 5% body fat and can now squat 170% of my body weight.  CrossFitting has given Gabe and I a new bond and increased our ability to support one another in everything we do.

Susan:  I have had back problems for years.  After my 4th surgery, I had completely given up on the idea of exercise.  It just seemed too difficult with all of my physical limitations.  I felt terrible but was convinced I really couldn’t do anything about it.  Coach John Del Peral and CrossFit have completely changed my view of what is possible for me.  Since joining CrossFit Central at RunTex, I have lost 37 pounds and recovered from my 5th back surgery in record time!  My back injuries no longer get in the way of my fitness or my confidence.  Recently, I mastered one of the biggest achievements of my life, unassisted pull ups.  I knew my back would never let me do unassisted pull ups and CrossFit proved me wrong!

Gabe: My work is stressful and a year ago I was using that as an excuse for carrying a little extra weight and turning to chips, queso & margaritas for stress relief.  I had lost that absolute confidence which is only possible when you physically feel powerful.  I knew I could do better but thought balancing work & personal life meant letting one slack, if the other was successful.  CrossFit Central at RunTex taught me a balanced life must include physical fitness.  Career achievements are no reason to allow my physical talents to diminish.  Since joining CrossFit Central I have lost 25 pounds & 9% body fat and regained focus and drive at work with the confidence that absolutely anything is possible!

Don: I work with amazing individuals and regardless of their being 25 years my junior, I can more than keep up at the office.  When presented with the idea of joining CrossFit Central at RunTex, there was no way I was going to be left behind.  Since joining, I have lost 26 pounds and I see an athlete in mirror for the first time in 20 years!  My bride of 31 years, says I look like I did when we first met!  Best of all, my 20-something kids have taken notice of my newly improved agility, strength & endurance.  Now I’m awesome at work and at home!  I firmly believe that the people with whom you associate and the books you read will have the biggest impact on the person you are becoming.  Everyone should spend some time each week with CrossFitters!  The committed CrossFitters are disciplined and regularly engage in pushing ourselves to personal bests.  CrossFitters have to approach workouts with a sense of humor, because most everyday, at some point we get our butts kicked!  Even when we ar totally spent, we are still smiling and high-fiving our classmates.  I love the team atmosphere, the camaraderie and encouragement given and received during each WOD.  CrossFit provides a perfect example of the more you put into the lives of others, the more you will get back!


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