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Cami’s Success Story


I am a wife, mother of two, I own my own Healthcare Consulting business, and I am actively involved in the schools, our church and the community. Before joining CrossFit Central, I was a runner. I ran the Motorola Marathon in 2000 and then ran several 1/2 marathons before joining CrossFit Central in May of 2006. I considered myself pretty fit. I had a consistent running group, but I had suffered several running injuries and my consistency had fallen by the way side. I knew I needed something different. I felt like I had plateaued. Even when our group was running 35-40 miles per week, I was not seeing any changes in my body. I wanted something to change the way I looked and felt. Emotionally, I do not think I ever really felt good about the way I looked. I am one of six kids, and have 4 sisters, all beautiful. My mom is 5’3” and never weighed more than 110. So, I was always the biggest. My whole life I heard, that I wasn’t fat, just “big boned”.

I initially joined CrossFit Central in May 2006 and saw results; but it wasn’t until the Spartan Challenge in May 2008 that I made the decision to take my training to the next level.









In three months I went from 27% to 19%, lost 13 pounds, and 13 inches! I am below the 20% body fat for the first time in my life! So many people have commented on the changes. Now I get to hear, “you never were overweight, but it is amazing how much smaller you are now.” I can say that there is no such thing as being big boned! Unless you make significant changes in your diet along with your workouts, you cannot make big gains and see the results you want.

I feel amazing and now I can tell if I am in the zone or if I fall out of the zone for a day or two. I can really tell a difference, not only in how my body feels, but how well my mind is working. Mentally, I focus better, sleep better, and I have more energy throughout the day.











I love the CrossFit Central Boot Camps because it makes working out feel like a game. There are all these little challenges along the way where you can push yourself to go faster, try to complete more repetitions, or test yourself against others in the group. I am also now enjoying the CrossFit Indoor program and I can already see the benefits of the additional strength and core training that it provides! I love the coaches at CorssFit Central. Jeremy Thiel has meant so much to me. He never gave up on me and always pushes me and encourages me to be and do more. Carey is so knowledgeable and connected. I love hearing her perspective on life and health. The entire community provides this incredibly positive environment that makes you want to work hard, have fun, and improve.

My goals now are to continue making those little decisions everyday that make a difference in my health. I want the Zone not to be a program I follow, but to be a lifestyle, I live. I am concentrating on getting my body fat% to 15%. I want to instill in my kids the importance of healthy choices both diet and exercise. Next year I plan to do a half marathon in the next year with my group. I am hoping to do around 1:50 which would be 8 minutes better than my best time ever!

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