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Coach Travis is Diesel

“After an amazing 2+ years…I can’t see myself doing anything other than what I am doing here at Central.  It has been the best decision of my life.  The people I have the pleasure of working with and being around is still amazing to me.  I am grateful everyday to be where I am.”

Travis grew up playing sports and practicing an active and outdoorsy lifestyle.  In college, Travis focused his insatiable athletic drive toward becoming an elite-level goalkeeper in soccer.  He loved every minute of the competition!  After college, Travis craved a new outlet for his competitive energy.  CrossFit was exactly the vehicle he was looking for to further his athletic abilities.

“I always thought I was in peak physical shape until my first CrossFit WOD, “Cindy. That day changed me in so many ways, it’s crazy to look back and recognize the physical, mental and emotional transformations that have taken place. I was pretty lean, and was strong in relation to my body-weight.  My strength numbers, in ALL movements and lifts, are higher than they’ve ever been, and I am able to perform at levels previously unknown to me.


Travis strongly believes that CrossFit truly tests the soul of a person…it tests the spirit…it plays games with your mind….pushes your body to places it doesn’t want to go…and in doing all of that, you come out transformed and empowered!  Athletes take on challenges with intensity and vigor and in the process develop a new respect for themself, their body and the people who go to battle with them daily.
“I can honestly say, given all the results I’ve seen while doing CrossFit, the one area that I value the most is my mental toughness.  I now have an understanding that my mind is in complete control of my body, and that when I control my thoughts, my actions are powerful.  This is also echoed in my coaching style – I constantly push my athletes to new levels of performance because I know they can do things that they believe are out of reach for them.  When they break through that mental or physical barrier, it not only gives them momentum, but it is extremely rewarding for me too,  and it’s what makes my “job” so awesome!”

Since joining CrossFit Central, Travis  dropped 5% body fat & gained 20 pounds of lean muscle mass.


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Coach Michael Winchester
 talks about his experience training with Travis and watching him transform

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