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CrossFit Central Coaches

CrossFit Central has changed and improved, not only clients lives, but the coach’s lives as well! Jessica Sharratt, Michael Winchester, and Heather Hodges have all seen amazing results over the last year.

Coach Jessica Sharratt: Lost 3lbs, over 5 inches, and 7% body fat. I feel like a completely different person now. CrossFit Central has done so much more for me than just change my body, they have changed my life. They have given me purpose, passion and love. Read More & See Coach Jess’ After Picture

Coach Mike Winchester: Lost over 10lbs, 4% Body Fat, & 2 Inches. I feel like I have found my athletics self again. I honestly wish I was as fit as I am now when I was playing soccer in college. Read More & See Coach Mike’s After Picture

Coach Heather Hodges: Lost over 25lbs, 11% Body Fat, & 10 Dress Sizes. I’ve learned that women do not have to throw in the towel and give up on themselves regardless of their age! Read More & See Coach Heather’s After Picture


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