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Dean’s Success Story


I’ve always been a physically active person. Prior to joining CrossFit Central I played soccer and did a lot of running. My body frame has always been tall and very thin; strikingly enough that I would hear people comment when I was out running at Town Lake. I felt like I had decent endurance for running but not very much strength. I was told from a young age that I couldn’t build muscle because my body type wouldn’t allow it and that I would always be tall and thin.

A friend of mine was in town for the holidays and we made plans to go running together. When we got out on the trail, I could tell she was in great shape – maybe her best ever. I was really impressed so I asked her what she was doing. She was very enthusiastic and starting telling me all about CrossFit. After seeing her results first hand I did some quick research and found CrossFit Central.

When I joined the CrossFit program I was mainly looking to gain strength and add mass while still maintaining my quickness and cardio fitness. I had tried to lift on my own or with friends but I had never really seen any results.





10 months after joining CrossFit Central I have gained muscle mass and inches. I am so much stronger now than I’ve ever been. Many of my friends have commented and complimented me on the difference they have seen! My Coach Michael Gregory says – “Dean is the skinniest guy to ever get swoll”

I really enjoy the “team” atmosphere at CrossFit Central. You get to know everyone in your class, you experiencethe workouts together, and it’s a very positive and encouraging atmosphere. I find myself competing with others too, so I get a better workout trying to out do the others around me.













Now that I’ve got a handle on all the basic CrossFit motions my main focus is to increase my workload. Weight that used to be really difficult is now less of a challenge so I have to continually push myself to go with heavier weight. I’ve established a baseline so I can work on lifting more weight each time we have a benchmark workout. In essence my goals are the same as they were before, I just want to be sure that I continually improve.

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