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Diesel Athlete: Randy Atkinson

Randy Atkins

[quote align="center" color="#999999"]I have learned the difference between working out and training. I am becoming a better version of myself.[/quote]

Randy Atkins

I thought I was physically in great shape.  I was somewhat strong, but conditioning was not a priority at all. I ran, but at my own pace. I didn’t realize it, but I was missing something competitive in my life.

My wife and I are early risers and ran by CrossFit Central and RedBlack Gym numerous times when we moved to the Allandale area. Finally, I had to stop in and see what these people were doing at 5am. The 1st workout I saw was “Cindy”. I thought to myself… no big deal… pull ups, pushups, and air squats. After seeing the athletes work out for 10 minutes and the coach yell out “halfway there”, I looked at my wife and said, “This is crazy!” I knew at that point I had to get involved.

Prior to joining Crossfit Central and RedBlack Gym. I enjoyed hanging out with my wife, friends, and in this beautiful city. I was very schedule oriented… GloBo Gym in the am, then work, then home or to a Happy Hour in the evening. The weekend was relaxing and catching a lot of live music. Looking back, I see that I was a little higher strung, stressed out, and unwilling to try new things as easily as I am now.


Age: 34
Max Deadlift: 475#
Desired Super Power: Omnilinguilism
Box: RedBlack Gym

Randy Atkins

Since joining, I have become more confident. I am more willing to try something new or something uncomfortable. I am now not afraid to fail as I have learned that in failure there is so much gained.

I have learned the difference between working out and training. I am becoming a better version of myself. I now love conditioning… which I thought I would never say. What I eat, how much sleep I get and where my stress levels are are very important in my life now. More so than they ever have been.

My wife and I started eating vegan about 11 weeks ago after watching Forks Over Knives. Although I’m not as strict as she is, I am pretty dialed in. I now feel completely different and am challenged not only in the gym, but also every time I sit down for a meal.

I have learned to become comfortable during the uncomfortable, to be 100% in the moment and not let pain takeover. I have learned the difference between going 100 mph every time I’m in the gym to being a consistent 65 to 75 mph. Coach Winchester calls this the “R3”… staying at R3 is always my goal, but not always the result. That’s why I come back every day.

Outside of the gym my goals are to continue to find the right balance in life, stay patient, be humble, be the best man and husband I can be and most of all remember that God is first, then family, then work.


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