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Diesel Athlete: Rashida Byams

[quote align="center" color="#999999"]Everyday for me at RedBlack is a personal reckoning. I’ve had to learn to tap into parts of myself I didn’t even know existed just to make it through some of our workouts![/quote]

Rashida Byams Diesel SeriesAs a former collegiate cross country athlete, Rashida missed the camraderie of team sports and the level of dedication demanded by a coach. Two years ago she found CrossFit and instantly knew THIS was what she needed. However, after two years of regular CrossFit classes, Rashida found herself looking for the next level. She wanted to train like an elite CrossFitter.

In just four short months of training at RedBlack Gym, Rashida has transformed her fitness level and is nowhere near reaching her peak. Rashida joined Coach Michael Winchester’s Garage Gym as RX class and Coach Winchester immediately sat down with her and devised a specific plan for her goals.

Everyday I can see progress, everyday I’m learning, and everyday I’m getting stronger. Physically, at age 34, I am without a doubt leaner and far more defined than I have ever been in my life. But the changes I’m most grateful for have nothing to do with my appearance. I’m learning that there comes a point in the world of CrossFit where your skill and brut strength will only take you so far.  It is then the mental and emotional strength of an elite athlete that truly sets him or her apart. The ability to set an intention for yourself, see it through, while all the while not giving into negative thoughts and doubts is huge. It’s easy to conceptualize but for me it’s been difficult to put into practice.”

Age: 34
Body Fat: 12%
Deadlift Max: 375 pounds
Desired Super Power: Invisibility to do good deeds undetected
Box:  RedBlack Gym

Rashida Byams Diesel Series

“So of all the many, many skills I have yet to master, mastering my thoughts may be my biggest challenge, and ultimately my most rewarding accomplishment. It’s like the muscle-up of psychological and mental strength. So of course, I want to be able to do it too.”

In 4 months, Rashida lost 5% body fat & increased her Total Lifts by 175 pounds

“Everyday for me at RedBlack is a personal reckoning. I’ve had to learn to tap into parts of myself I didn’t even know existed just to make it through some of our workouts! So when sticky situations, challenges, or mishaps come up in other areas in my life, my immediate response is always, “Okay, not a problem. I can do this”. Seriously. And it’s exactly what I say to myself before a workout. Even if I don’t know exactly how I’m going to do something, I know I can do it. Or at least give my absolute best effort.

I can honestly say I am absolutely meant to be here! The coaching, programming, and unbelievable support I’ve received from all of the coaches and members at RedBlack Gym remind me every day not only why I’m here but why I want to stay.”


Diesel Series 2012: Rashida Byams from CrossFit Central on Vimeo

Photos by B7 Creative


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