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Diesel Athlete: Tim Woodruff

Tim Woodruff Diesel

[quote align="center" color="#999999"]I was bored. As a very competitive person, the activities I was engaged in were not enough to fulfill my competitive drive.[/quote]

Tim Woodruff before crossfit

I was looking for more.  As a competitive athlete in college, I missed the intense, high energy and endurance workouts.  After college I was bored!  I never maintained the intensity at the gym and of course did not see the results I desired.  I am a very competitive person and nothing I was doing was fulfilling my competitive drive.

My wife and I joined Relentless Boot Camp and after a few months of being destroyed by those workouts, I decided to try indoor classes at CrossFit Central.  After just one class with Coach Travis Holley, I was hooked!  I was looking for a challenge and CrossFit was the answer.

Even as a collegiate athlete, I never trained using Olympic style lifting.  I really never thought I could do it.  As an endurance athlete, a CrossFit style competition, with heavy lifting seemed out of reach.  Training at CrossFit Central, with the encouragement and persuasion from my coaches, I can now say that I can compete in CrossFit.

Needless to say, I am no longer bored!  CrossFit has taken me out of my comfort zone. It pushes me harder then I imaged I could be pushed.  As my benchmark times decrease and my max lifts increases, I gain more confidence in myself and my abilities not only in the gym but in life. When things become difficult outside of CrossFit, I know that I persevered through grueling workouts and am able to push myself beyond limits I never knew I could before and that mental strength and confidence has transferred over to my personal life. I feel healthier and more confident than ever before!


Tim Woodruff

I lost 5 pounds, gained 10 pounds of lean muscle and lost 4% body fat!



Age: 35
Max Deadlift: 335
Desired Super Power: Eternal Life
Box: CrossFit Central Downtown


Things I could never do before that I can now do:

1) Muscle Up
2) Double Under
3) Hand Stand Push Up
4) Hand Stand/Hand Stand Walk
5) Olympic Style lifting
6) Kipping Pull ups
7) 40+ pull ups in a row
8) Pull a car up an alley




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