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Fred’s Empowerment Story

Initially I joined CrossFit Central because I wanted the older version of me to be better, faster and stronger than the younger version. Exercise wasn’t enjoyable, finding the right things to eat was confusing, and I had no real way to measure if I was getting stronger or more fit. I was unhappy with where I was physically and while I wasn’t unhappy with my emotional or mental disposition, I realize now that I was limited. I didn’t know what I could become.

I was asked to be part of our company’s wellness committee and saw an ad for CrossFit Central after one of our lunch meetings. I thought that if nothing else it would be worth checking out at least to tell the group that I tried it.
During my initial Elements Sessions I felt uncoordinated and weak. But, the lack of mirrors and Air Conditioning, the talk of nutrition & wellness, and the strange vocabulary all made it intriguing and something I wanted to learn more about. I was hooked from the first time I walked in the gym.

Since joining CrossFit Central I’ve lost over 40 pounds and 20% body fat. Now, the only numbers I’m worried about are the ones I write on the white board when the workout is over. But beyond cleans and pullups, pushing through the mental limits we impose on ourselves is one of the most empowering skills that I am learning. It’s most often this mental barrier that keeps us from realizing what we can be.

The result that I’m most proud of though is introducing CrossFit to others. I want everyone to know about this. I’ve managed to coerce, cajole, or annoy my wife, sister and even some friends to try this out and I believe they are all better for it, just like I am. Most importantly, my son mimics what he sees us all do. I could not be prouder than to think he can grow up with abilities that took me this long to hone.


Fred Flores from CrossFit Central on Vimeo.

Lost 40lbs & 20% Body Fat

I think CrossFit Central makes you expect more from your life. I’ve learned that while nothing comes easy for me it has only taken working harder, smarter, and focus to create positive results. In a workout choosing a heaver weight makes the workout more challenging, practicing the things you know increases your skill and confidence, and concentrating on the task in front of you all combine to produce faster times, greater confidence, and PR’s in class. All those ‘tricks’ have become habits in my life outside the gym. I’m more comfortable with challenges like management and mentoring responsibilities at work and service in the community.

For example, I recently had the opportunity to volunteer with Junior Achievement, teaching a class of children about money and community. Instead of feeling uncomfortable at the front of the class, I was able to focus on truly connecting with the kids. I now focus more on the importance of the task at hand, whether it’s focusing on a problem at work or being present during the precious time I spend with my wife and children.

With enough of these healthy habits I think you start to live your life ‘as prescribed’ and I feel that I’m making the world around me just a little bit better because of what I’ve learned.

@ the photo shoot

Fred Flores – Photoshoot from CrossFit Central on Vimeo.

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