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Karen’s Success Story

Before beginning CrossFit Central’s program, I was finishing up my second round of the latest trendy diet. I was overweight and had very little energy. I knew that if I ever wanted to lose weight and get fit, I would need to get moving! Aside from trying various diets I had also tried a small class at a local gym in aerobic and weight training. It became very predictable, too repetitive, I would literally watch the clock and wait for the class to end.

A few friends from the neighborhood had tried tried previous diets with me also not seeing the success we truly wanted. They began a new program a month earlier and invited me to join the boot camp. I told myself I would try it out, knowing at the very least I would have fun getting together with my pals.







After nine months in Boot Camp I was seeing amazing results!   At every body assessment I was loosing inches and reducing my body fat percentage. I couldn’t believe my body could respond so quickly and positively.

Overall I have lost 15 pounds, 3 pant sizes, 4 blouse sizes! I love the program because you never know what we’ll be doing each time we meet to workout. The coaches give great counseling on nutrition, diet, and working out those sore spots. It’s a very comprehensive approach to good health!










My goal is to never go backward and to keep my weight and fitness moving in the right direction. I will not allow myself to go back in to the bad eating, weight, and health habits I lived with. The sacrifices of the program are well worth the long term health benefits I have gained. I figure a few hours a week of pushing myself hard are an easy price to pay for good health!

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