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Mark’s Success Story


After working out for years on my own and not getting the results I wanted, I decided I needed to do something different. I joined a non-CrossFit bootcamp and had temporary results, but again I plateaued and was starting to loose interest in exercise again. It was time for another change, so I started searching the internet.

I discovered CrossFit Central and attended a couple of the free UTB workouts. The coaches impressed me. At the second UTB workout, I spoke with a coach who convinced me to try the indoor classes. My first Elements class was with Coach Chris Hartwell on August of 2009.

Elements felt a little strange, because we were using very light equipment. I was disappointed that I was struggling with the Olympic lifting movements, but I realized that CrossFit was the challenge that I had been searching for. I signed up for the 6:15am MWF classes at Central starting in September of 2009.

The very first week was challenging despite know that it was what I was after. I began to wonder if I had gotten in over my head. I signed up for some personal training sessions with Coach Lance Cantu to help kick start my skills. He taught me to focus on good form and working up to prescribed level weights even if it prevented me from finishing the workout.




Since joining CrossFit Central I have lost over 35lbs. My body fat has been below 10%, the leanest I’ve been since my college days. CrossFit has improved my stamina and self confidence, and I believe both bleed over into my career. CrossFit also teaches one a great deal about setting goals and measuring results which is also applicable to improving performance on the job. And as for family life, I have eight nieces and nephews that are decades younger than me. I’m proud to say that this uncle can keep up!

I’ve never participated in organized sports and used to view athletes in a different light. I believed they were merely gifted, and physical tasks were easy for them. I know recognize that mental toughness is a important characteristic of an accomplished athlete.

I thought I was too old to keep up or too old to do CrossFit. Age is a physical characteristic, but it can also be a mental barrier. Central has taught me that no one is too old to put forth effort and improve themselves physically. Mental toughness is a barrier that continues to challenge me, but I have gotten better at pushing through the pain and fatigue.




Lost over 35lbs & 16% body fat


A few months in to my CrossFit classes started hearing about their new gym, SICFIT Austin, which was about to open. It was described as the next level in training, so I leapt at the opportunity to join. My first SICFIT Austin class was in June 2010. I’ve been training there happily since even though I’m often reduced to a pool of sweat, pain and fatigue on the gym floor!

I’ve been with CrossFit Central and SICFIT Austin for nearly 14 months, and I’m still eager to show up for each workout. The workouts continue to be fun, varied and tough. The coaches continue to challenge and guide me. My fellow CrossFitters continue to encourage and inspire me. My confidence and self esteem have improved and I have been encouraged to seek out physical activities to fill my leisure time!




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