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Merrill’s Success Story


Prior to beginning boot camp at CrossFit Central I was a busy wife, mother to three active girls, and a practicing attorney. I didn’t eat well and turned to food for comfort. I lived a sedentary life and my only form of exercise was walking on the weekends. I also experienced lower back pain which made sleeping difficult. I was unable to sit up straight in bed and had to roll out of bed to avoid a stabbing pain in my back that would shoot straight down my leg. All of this, I attributed to a part of getting older. In April 2007 I was 48 years old, over 20 pounds overweight, lethargic, constantly hungry, and always looking for an opportunity to nap.

My youngest daughter noticed an ad for CrossFit Central Boot Camp in Austin Fit Magazine. Both her and my oldest daughter tried the camp and loved it. In May 2007 they convinced me to try out CrossFit Central’s free community workout . I struggled through the entire workout, and was extremely sore the next day. But there was something about the workout that was very appealing. I loved the enthusiasm of the coaches, they were all so friendly and encouraging. In June 2007 I took a deep breath and joined CrossFit Central’s boot camp program.





Within four months of beginning the boot camp I lost 30 pounds!  I have gone down 5 clothing sizes, I have more energy, improved my strength, stamina, and mood. My back pain has virtually disappeared and I have better quality of sleep! Boot Camp gave me the incentive to change my eating habits. I no longer eat for emotional reasons; I eat food that makes me feel good and gives me energy.

When I started boot camp I couldn’t do a single push up or a sit up. The warm up was intense for me. This year I ran my first 5K in 29.04! Joining CrossFit Central’s boot camp was the best decision I ever made. The workouts are still a challenge and I sometimes struggle through them, but I look forward to being pushed physically and mentally every time.








I recently joined a CrossFit class and divide my training time between outdoor boot camps and indoor crossfit classes. The trainers truly have a gift for teaching and motivating. Now my goals are not to simply lose weight. Now I want to be able to do a true pull up, run a 5K in less than 26 minutes, run a 10K and a half marathon. I want to be able to surprise people with what I am able to achieve in Boot Camp and in CrossFit classes. I want to be as active and healthy as I am right now for years to come!


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