CrossFit Central’s CrossFit Games History

CrossFit Central’s CrossFit Games history is rich and our roots run deep. The Games is engrained in the fiber of who we are and what we do. We have been a part of it, celebrated it and been it’s biggest supporter and devoted fan since Day 1 and we won’t stop. We love everything about it. From the community to the competition, to the blood sweat and tears and giving everything we have to compete and play with the best in the world. Take a look at our CrossFit Games history from the first ever CrossFit Games to this year’s Games season!



  • Jeremy Thiel competes at the 1st-ever CrossFit Games and comes in 7th place



  • Jeremy Thiel took 3rd place
  • Michael Gregory took 51st place
  • Lance Cantu took 60th place
  • Zachary Thiel took 78th place
  • Kris Kepler took 136th place
  • Richard White took 189th place
  • Lisa Bender took 27th place
  • Crystal McReynolds took 32nd place




The first ever Regionals event was held at GSX in Ft. Worth, better known then as Hell’s Half Acre, 2009 also marked the last year the Games were held in Aromas, California.


  • Carey Kepler took 1st place
  • Crystal McReynolds took 3rd place
  • Lance Cantu took 3rd place


  • Carey Kepler took 3rd place
  • Jeremy Thiel took 16th place, after not completing the final workout due to injury
  • Team CrossFit Central takes 2nd place at the CrossFit Games



Sectionals were introduced, athletes that placed in sectionals advanced to the Regional event, The CrossFit Games is moved to The Home Depot (now known as the StubHub Center) in Carson, California. 


  • Jen Shaw took 3rd place
  • Jessica Sharratt Stephen took 4th place
  • Carey Kepler and Lindsey Smith are invited due to their performance at the 2009 CrossFit Games
  • Team CrossFit Central took 1st place


  • Lindsey Smith took 12th place
  • Carey Kepler took 16th place
  • Jen Shaw 26th place
  • Jessica Sharratt Stephen took 31st place
  • Team CrossFit Central took 6th place


2009CrossFitCentralTeamThe first-ever CrossFit Open qualifier was held, the South Central Regionals is moved to an outdoor venue in San Antonio. 


  • Carey Kepler took 1st place
  • Lindsey Smith took 2nd place
  • Lisa Thiel took 3rd place
  • Ingrid Kantola took 7th place
  • Team CrossFit Central took 4th place


  • Lindsey Smith took 16th place
  • Carey Kepler took 28th place
  • Lisa Thiel took 32nd place


The South Central Regional is moved to the Freeman Coliseum in San Antonio, Texas.


  • Ingrid Kantola took 5th place
  • Karen Pierce took 13th place
  • Team CrossFit Central took 3rd place and advanced to the CrossFit Games


  • Team CrossFit Central took 13th place



  • Ingrid Kantola took 5th place
  • Lisa Bender Thiel took 12th place
  • Chelsea McKinney ook 17th place
  • Team CrossFit Central battles and stays in the top 3 all weekend. In the end the team finished in 4th place, one spot shy of advancing to The CrossFit Games



We are heading to Regionals!! We have an amazing group of competitors that have been training year round for this year’s CrossFit Games season. And we know our community of athletes are the BEST! Get more details on the team, how you can support and cheer them on (leading up to and during Regionals weekend) and our outstanding sponsors here.

Individuals Athletes:
Karen Pierce
Carey Kepler

Team Athletes:
Lisa Thiel
Ingrid Kantola
Chelsea McKinney
Judy McElroy
Jeremy Kampen
Jeff Vanlandingham
Brandon Mayernik
Reid Reagan


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