Family Time

 “CrossFit gives us the opportunity to share time together with the whole family.”

If you have been to CrossFit Central Burnet Rd. during the hours of 4 – 7PM you have undoubtedly run into one of the Smith’s. Callaway (5), Ashtin (9), Brooklin (13) and parents, Andria and Jeremy . If not here’s what you’re missing:

Ashtin and Callaway are currently enjoying their summer afternoon in Coach Carey Kepler’s CrossFit Kids class. “Coach Carey seems to really connect with kids.” While they have only just started the girls are excited to be coached by Carey and love the class, activities and CrossFit.

 Ashtin and Callaway 
Brooklin and Jeremy are in Jeff McKinney’s 6PM Advanced class. “The energy of the class is awesome. This group is very supportive and passionate about helping each other improve. Coach Jeff is great and helps keep the energy high.”
Jeremy and Brooklin
Brooklin is the youngest in her class by 14 years, but her age is not a limiting factor. Brooklin is a talented athlete who’s maturity has led her to the connection between hard work, practice and results. She has big goals ahead one of them being a competitor in the 2018 CrossFit Games. She is a force to be reckoned with!
The Smith’s enjoy the sport of CrossFit, which they have done for two years, but truly enjoy the opportunity it gives for them to be together.

CrossFit Central is building a community of fit individual all over Austin. We offer multiple locations and a variety of training to help you have fun and get results.

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