Masters, a Note From Our Coaches

The dust has settled on the first-ever CrossFit Games Masters Qualifier and we could not be more proud of Jeff, Mike and Tom! Over the course of 4 days they took on 4 events. Only the top 20 could advance to the 2014 CrossFit Games. These men represented well throughout this year’s Open and put in incredible effort during the Qualifier. We could not be more proud and honored that they are a part of the CrossFit Central community.


  • Jeff Morgan, 45-49 Division – 135th
  • Mike Shorter, 60+ Division – 45th
  • Tom Green, 60+ Division – 72nd

Our coaches and staff members would like to let them know how bad ass they are and congratulate them on an incredible 2014 Games season. (below)

“Masters, A BIG Congratulations to each of you for your determination and commitment to this years competition! Tom Green after 15years of working with you as an athlete I will say this has been your most impressive year yet! Mike Shorter after just a short time CrossFitting your strength & fitness growth has been nothing but impressive and Jeff Morgan it is so awesome to see your development over the last couple of years! Thank you all for your commitment to your health and making competition and Central apart of your style!” Carey Kepler

“Congratulations, you guys live the life of the 1%. The Fittest means committed and disciplined. Thank you for being leaders in our community.” Jeremy Thiel

“We are so proud of Jeff, Tom and Mike. In the first year that the CrossFit Games held a master’s regional, these three men qualified as some of the top CrossFitters in the world. The work and sacrifice that they poured into their training was world-class and we are so proud of them for their showing at regionals.” Michael Winchester

“Fellas, I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your leadership. Representing yourselves, your families, your gym. Doing this year’s Open was nothing short of powerful! You give us a reason to do what we do at an even higher level. It is an honor to coach and know you guys!” Big Mike

“Jeff, Tom, Mike – thank you for being such a great part of the CC community. Your dedication, energy and hard work are encouraging and inspiring. Congratulations on your Regionals success this year.” Lisa Thiel

“Congrats to ALL of you studs! Ya’ll crushed those workouts :) Very proud of you guys for stepping up and repping the Double C’s!! Ya’ll are a huge inspiration and it’s a pleasure to have the opportunity to work/coach you all :) Keep it up!” Much Love! Taylor Deering

“Congratulations, you all did amazing and should be very proud!” Chelsea McKinney

“You guys lead, we’ll follow! Job well done sirs.” Ben Flores

“Thank you all for being super inspiring and putting in all the hard work and effort into this sport.” Love for you guys, Teo Ledesma

“Consistency over the past years has truly paid off. I am so proud of you guys!! Way to represent.” Love, Megan Parsons

“Younger every year! So proud of you men.” :) Nyki Helmcamp

“When I grow up I want to be big & strong like y’all! Each of you make us very proud!” Love, Karen Pierce

“YOU ROCK!” Lucy Shellito

“So incredibly proud of our masters athletes! They prove that age is only a number! I love you so so much Uncle Tom!” #ProudNiece Lynnsey Hooper

“Eyes up. Don’t think just move.” Chris Hartwell

“Great job guys! So proud of you and wish you the best!” Anthony Brown

“Way to represent CrossFit Central in the Masters Regionals. You guys are an inspiration to us all. Keep up the good work!” Love, Jessica Estrada

“So proud of our Master athletes! Congrats on all of the hard work!” Kelly Anderson

“I hope I’m like y’all when I’mall grown up!!! Way to go guys!!” Zachary Thiel

“Awesome job! You are such an inspiration to all of us.” Molly Nye

“I’m privileged to have such great examples in my life!” Jeff McKinney

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