Weekend Recap

This weekend was brimming with athletes and coaches getting out and getting active! There were multiple events happening from competitions, training opportunities and even scavenger hunts. Here’s a recap of the weekend.

Fight For Air

Fight For Air

“This is my 5th year to do Fight 4 Air. Each year it becomes more and more memorable since my grandmother passed away of lung cancer about 2 years ago. This year Coach Lucy joined me along with Relentless Boot Camp athletes, Paige and Becky. Austin firefighter, Richard Smith, also joined our team. Everyone did outstanding. I shaved a minute off my time from last year. This was Lucy, Paige, and Becky’s first time to do the event, and they did great. Clearly our boot camp and CrossFit training is paying off. A big thank you to everyone who donated to our climb!” Megan Parsons

Barbell Seminar with Coach Zachary Thiel

barbell seminar

barbell seminar cc

“Everyone came to work and did work hard. They learned the snatch progression and I think their eyes where opened to the work it takes to not just learn the lifts but to do them correctly.” Zachary Thiel

REDEFINE with Coach Carey Kepler & Lauryn Lax


“REDEFINE was a total success! The women that came in Saturday morning It was an amazing morning where we actually took the time think about each woman’s personal purpose was and to set some goals if you are still searching for that purpose. REDEFINE was able to raise $300 for GENAustin. We are looking forward to the next REDEFINE!” Carey Kepler

Advanced Athlete Try-Outs


“We had 6 people come out to the try out and they all did great, all are great athletes! We saw some of the best double unders we’ve ever had at an Advanced Athlete Try Out.” Jeff McKinney

Taylor Deering, Karen Pierce and Alyson Boyd took on Apache Athlete Gender Equality Throwdown. Karen Pierce took 1st place

CrossFitCentralApache Athlete

Ingrid Kantola takes on the NPFL Combine and is advancing to the Stage 2 Combine in Las Vegas


And Spotted…..

Team Training @ Barton Springs


Lisa & Jeremy Thiel on Town Lake, sharpening their SUP skills for Dam That Cancer


Team Bow Jacked doing the chicken dance in a crosswalk, Parkour on something random and more XGames shennanigans


If you’re active on the weekend, tell us about it!

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